Link Buildings for better SEOSo many SEO gurus are out there trying to make you believe that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is rocket science. Although SEO is not easy with the search engines changing their algorithms from time to time to protect users and their core business. The core basics for SEO are valid and having backlinks help heaps in ranking on the search engine results. Here we will touch on 10 link building methods that work and get your results in double quick time.

1. Article Marketing

Writing articles is an effective way to gain backlinks, although some people are put off with the amount of work required to build links. The time spent to write and spin an article can take 30mins to hours, depending on how proficient the writer is. Other than that, you have to spend the time submitting your content to different article directories. There are article directories that auto accept articles. However most of it require you to enter captchas and are manually approved. However with the barriers and time involved, this is a good way for building contextual links. You can manually do all the work yourself, or outsource the tasks to save time while you concentrate on more important tasks. Alternatively, a more efficient way is to use a software tool to assist you in the article spinning and submission to directories.

2. Social Bookmarking

Major search engines love social bookmarking websites and crawl them very often. Having your link on these sites will have the crawlers update the search engines that there is new content on your website too. Therefore it makes great sense to post or bookmark your link on these sites. The top and popular sites are Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and This is only a regular SEO job that you can outsource. If you are only posting a few articles daily, it’s still manageable and you can do this manually with WordPress or browsers plugins. Other than getting backlinks, this is a good place to get traffic from the community too.

3. RSS Submissions

Almost everyone is familar with a RSS Feed. But not everyone knows that RSS submission is a way to build links. You may have zero readers on your feed. No worries though, you can still implement this link building strategy.

Feed Burner
Free RSS and Link Directory
Icerocket Blog+Rss
NGOID News Network
Postami Fee

4. Directory Submissions

Submitting your website(s) to directories is the most commonly used way to get a free link. Submit to 1000 directories, and you get 1000 links fast and easy. The good news is there are many service providers that offer free* submission to a long list of directories.  The bad news is most of them will end up spamming your inbox. Advisable to use a a disposable yahoo/gmail/msn email address. Do a quick search online and you will find many directories to submit to.

5. Videos Submission

As you will have noticed, for most of the searches that we do on Google, there will be a video on the keyword phrase. If you create a useful and engaging video, you will not only gain from traffic from Youtube users, your video will show up on page 1, page 2 top of the results. However creating videos takes much more effort and is even more time-consuming than creating articles, and probably that’s why building links with video, or Youtube marketing isn’t very popular. Vimeo & Youtube are two very popular video sharing websites. There are also other video communities that you can submit to.

6. Web 2.0 Sites

Another awesome place to build your links is Web 2.0 sites such as hubpages, typepad, wordpress, blogger, tumblr, the list goes on. All of them are all high PR sites for you to tap on. However slapping a link on their pages is not going to do you any good. Content remains a pre-requisite. Play within the rules, and you will get what you want.

7. Blog Commenting

You can comment on any blogs you want, but commenting on blogs that are in the similar niche work better. This is because the readers that read that blog you commented, probably will be interested in your content too since it’s the same niche. Do note that most of the links are “nofollow”. Having said that, it is still advisable to have a variety of links from different blogs types/niches. This will make the link building look more natural and organic.

8. Questions & Answers

Many of us are familiar with Yahoo! Answers. Help others and help yourself at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone. When you reply with your answer/solution to fix someone’s problem/question, you can post the source of your answer too. One of the popular and top methods used by many, build links and get traffic from the Yahoo! community too. Another new and interesting place to hang around is Quora. The new player is more strict, so beware of the TOS, and don’t get yourself ban for doing stupid things.

9. Forum Profiles & Signatures

Do you visit forums regularly? If yes, I’m sure you are aware and have visited someone’s link in their signatures or profile at least once in the past 30 days. Forum signatures can easily bring you traffic, as long as you are offering something useful. However not all the forums allow signatures especially for new members, or you have to pay to have a signature advertising a link. Because of this, many people prefer to create a link on their forum profile instead which is generally allowed, although some are private (i.e. users have to login the forum to see your link). To mass create profile links & create a variety of backlinks including social bookmarking, article submitting, RSS submission, check out the all purpose SEO tool that I have reviewed here.

10. Guest Blogging

A method that is gaining popularity nowadays. A way to ride on blogs that are high PR. In exchange for a link, usually webmasters may ask you to return the favor and allow them to post an article on your blog too. Personally I think it’s a win-win situation. As a guest blogger you gain a link, and the other party gain unique content. When you are first starting, it is recommended that you start with your peers first. Trying to do a guest blog for an established website may get you into a lot of resistance.




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2 Responses to 10 Basic Link Building Methods that Work

  1. I’m finding guest posting to be a particularly powerful strategy of late. Are you still finding that article marketing (in particular spun article marketing via AMR etc) is still effective?

  2. lincoln says:

    Hi Seb,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    My thoughts about guest posting: it is a good tactic because it’s usually in the same niche for what you represent, or what you want to promote. In a way it’s similar to article marketing. But guest posting allows for more “negotiation” on where you want your link to be placed, while else for article marketing, half the time, it’s only in the writer’s box. And you get to choose which sites you want to guest post at. A bit time consuming, but can be worth the time.

    I’m still using article marketing as part of my backlinks strategy. AMR is definitely useful – huge time saver whether for bulk submitting or spinning. Even with the new Google updates, I believe it’s relevant and effective. To be honest, I think the level of effectiveness is directly proportionally to what people do with the tool or strategy. Blatant spamming of articles just to get backlinks will eventually lead to problems.

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