Pinterest tips, guide and marketing strategiesWait no more, start your Pinterest marketing now! Pinterest the new social media darling is taking the world by storm. Based on the report done by Experian, Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter. Even Google+, launched by the king of searches, and with so much funding, couldn’t beat Pinterest. Supporting evidence, from Shareaholic’s referral traffic report, shows Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined! Start making it part of your marketing strategy, or you may regret soon.

Here’s the top 6 measured in total visitors (not unique):

  1. Facebook: 7 billion
  2. Twitter: 182 million
  3. Pinterest: 104 million
  4. LinkedIn: 86 million
  5. Tagged: 72 million
  6. Google+: 61 million

Before we begin on the tips and strategies of Pinterest marketing, here’s an overview of the users, and their demographics. Understanding users and their behavior is a good way to evaluate and implement suitable marketing strategies for your business/company. Based on the average time spent on the site, and the income level, Pinterest represents a market of buyers that companies can tap on. And marketing to the ladies seems a good idea with them making up almost 4/5 of Pinterest users.

Traffic report on Pinterest from Adplanner

Why Users Love Pinterest?

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing platform. Users shares their favorite pictures by pinning it on their themed pinboards. Starting out is easy, just create and name your boards to organize your images, e.g. Travel, cameras, iphone gadgets, etc. then add in a description and include the Pinterest category so that fellow pinners with similar interests can find them.

For example, Cindy creates a pinboard containing images of Taipei: places that she want to go, food that she want to eat, bags & shoes that she want to buy there, etc. Pinterest helps her to accomplish 3 objectives:

  1. to remind her of the shopping list, places to visit, the must-try food, and itinerary in Taipei that’s months away
  2. a board for her to consolidate and add-on via repins on relevant information and pictures
  3. to share her likes with fellow users, family, friends, or traveling companions

Why is Pinterest so Hot?

Pinterest took the best out of every successful social media website:

  1. the Like feature of Facebook
  2. the Reblog feature of Tumblr, ReTweet of Twitter
  3. a visual way to bookmark pictures (e.g.
  4. a way to keep and share pictures (e.g.
  5. the Followers and Following concept of Twitter
  6. hmmmm…and 4Chan?
For every pinned picture, it shows the source URL, the profile of the Pinterest user, comments, and the profile of any user(s) who re-pinned or liked the image. For every image, the buttons Like (Pinterest & Facebook), Repin, Tweet are positioned conveniety for users to share, thus increasing the traffic to your boards/images. This makes it very easy for links and pins to be shared, and bringing new visitors who first-heard about Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Pinterest is one of the marketing that you can enjoy and have fun. Here’s 15 ways on how to develop your Pinterest strategies, and getting more traffic.

  1. Quality – Maintain the quality of your boards and pictures. Ensure that the pictures are attractive and not offensive. Pictures that grab attention are the best.
  2. Interaction – Interact with the Pinterest community. Comment on pins you like.
  3. Pin from a variety of sources. Having all your pictures from one source will bore people eventually. Moreover if it’s from only one website, users will bypass you and just surf directly from that site; or label you as a spammer, see point #7. Contrary to being counterproductive, or reducing the amount of traffic you get from Pinterest, you will gain more followers and traffic both in the short and long term. By pinning from other sites, users feel more comfortable and identify that you are a person rather than a bot or spammer doing self-promotion for your own site, images or products.
  4. Use good descriptions for your boards and pins. Include keywords that you want to target.
  5. Connect your account with Facebook and Twitter, to get more views and traffic to your pinboards. Your pins and repins will appear on your Facebook wall – that’s the beauty of social media when networks are connected and your actions get propagated quickly.
  6. Becoming an authority on the subject– Stick to pictures that are relevant, or complements your direction, branding, or goals. Focus on a topic/subject, and always be on the lookout and pin unique or attention-grabbing pictures. For example, a pinboard specializing in Japanese hairstyles, or Korean Fashion, etc should always have the latest and most fashionable styles out daily, so that users are willing to follow for the next-big-fashion-thing, and use the board as a point of reference.

    Pinterest Marketing Strategies

    Be a striker on Pinterest!

  7. Do not spam & space out your pinning intervals. Avoid pinning too many images within a short span of time. Apart from attractive images, Pinterest users are generally interested in checking out products that are (seemingly) promoted unbiasedly, and if you appear to be excessive promoting your images/products, you’ll be skipped. Therefore just space out your pins, and you will get far better results than mass pinning everything on your blog in 5mins.
  8. Identity – If possible, use a real photo of yourself, or logo of your company as the profile picture. Again, this small step can bring you closer to Pinterest users/followers and is a branding strategy you should adopt.
  9. RTF – Within your niche or favorite boards, look out for like-minded users that will return-the-favors (RTF). Start loving people that re-pin or like your images, and do the same for them too. This will increase the amount of traffic referrals from Pinterest, and making your images go viral within the Pinterest community.
  10. Followers – While everyone can see your pins and boards, regardless of followers or not, it helps to have more followers especially the loyal ones to like or repin. Unlike Twitter, following too many people will not flood your timeline. Following people with similar interests will have them take a look at your board, and share your pins they liked.
  11. Avoid the irrelevant – Do not follow users that are irrelevant to your boards. The only exception is for your personal account, which you can do whatever you want. For accounts that you want to commercialize or build a brand, strictly follow people within your niches to become an authority on the subject of interest.
  12. Selling your products on Pinterest – For businesses, this is a great platform for you to showcase and sell your products. When posting the pictures of your products, you can add a price to the description and Pinterest automatically inserts the price at the top left corner of the image. Interested users can click on the image for more information and hop over to your link to buy it. Free advertising – maybe it’s time to say goodbye to ebay.
  13. Understanding what and where is the demand – For every picture you pinned, you can assess the popularity based on the number of comments, re-pins, and likes received. Based on that, you will know which direction you should head to, and put in more marketing efforts in that area. For retailers, you can use this to decide on what products to launch or sell. If a product (image) is hardly getting any likes or re-pins, you won’t want to risk ordering this product from your supplier. The basis for every successful business is understanding what the customer likes and wants, and meeting that demand.
  14. Always give credits to the source. What goes around comes around.
  15. Tell your blog readers – Add a Pinterest button on your blog for your readers to follow you. For wordpress blog owners, you can search for a Pinterest plugin, or manually embed the code found here to your theme.

For WordPress bloggers, don’t forget to use this plugins. To bring your Pinterest marketing to another higher level, check this 7 steps, and lastly get accurate & detailed traffic analysis with Pinerly. Hurry and get on the waiting list for Pinerly to get ahead of your competitors. Happy pinning!




Lincoln is a fan of Apple products, loves red wine and traveling. He blogs on internet marketing, social media, wordpress tips & guides, and using technology to maximize efficiency. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates.

2 Responses to 15 Tips to Kickstart your Pinterest Marketing

  1. Mike DeWolfe says:

    I think these are 15 great concise tips. I have heard of the idea of “being the expert” (aka #6) It does seem to work: find a niche, grab hold of it and ride it.

  2. lincoln says:

    No doubt about it. It doesn’t make any sense to be jack of all trades and master of none. Specializing in a niches forces us to learn everything about it, and excel.

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