25 proven ways to get more followers on twitter

Why People Use Twitter

People turn to social media mainly for ideas, information, updates and entertainment. Therefore if you want gather more followers, build a strong presence, or do branding on Twitter, you need to take care people’s wants. Once that is taken care of, you naturally get what you want as well.

In this article, we look at tried-and-test ways that worked and brought results. Being successful on Twitter is about having quality and engaging twitter followers. It is not about having huge numbers of followers that are nothing more than a count displayed. There are many services out on the Web offering followers for a cost, but don’t bother wasting your money on them since that can bring you more harm than good. Stay on the good side, do the right things and get the right results.

For those that are totally new to Twitter, check out the glossary here. On Twitter, there’s a lot of usage of abbreviations because of the 140 character limit, although the company has intentions to increase the limit  from 140 to 10,000 characters.

1. Be a Contributor

twitter contributeTo be successful in social networks, we need to be proactive. It’s similar to attending a networking event. More often than not, we need to step up our efforts to identify opportunity, and sometimes step out of our comfort zone to get the results we want.

An opportunity may appear as a question – If you see someone asking a question that you can answer, go ahead and reply. Someone seeking an opinion? Give yours. As the quote from Robert Ingersoll goes “We rise by lifting others.” By doing so, he/she will feel appreciated and you may even gain a follower who’s going to be actively engage with your tweets.

2. Twitter Chat

It is not uncommon that a meaningful relationship is started from an ordinary chat. This applies to real life and online social networks. A chat initiated to assist someone, give advice, recommendation, etc may lead to more things. Chatting gives your followers an image that you are approachable and friendly – something that can boost your followers’ base, and making them want to interact with you more often.

3. Share Valuable Stuff

Do not tweet endlessly just to buff up your Tweets count, or try too hard to feed your followers with meaningless tweets. Share information that can bring value to your readers. In turn, it will gain your followers’ attention and make them be on an active lookout for your tweets. Let them have something to look for, and you will be looked upon as an excellent source of information.

4. Be Relevant

Beside sharing valuable and useful information to your following, you can make it even better by tweeting relevant content. Share what matters to your audience and stay on topic(s). If you are about technology, then stick to it, don’t step into travel or home decor. Be relevant and give what your followers want. You need to be synonymous with what your bio and profile says, which on next point below.

5. Have an Effective & Well Written Bio

As your bio is limited to only 160 chars, make it count. Take time to craft out an effective bio, and use a good header photo. A good bio lets your (potential) follower know who you are, whether both of you share common interests and what to expect from you. Remember to complete your profile by including a proper photo of yourself so that your followers know they are interacting with a genuine person and can put a face to your name.

6. Ask for Retweets

Based on analyses by a number of social media firms, it was observed that Twitter followers have a higher tendency to retweet when we request them to do so by adding “Please retweet“, or “Please RT” onto our tweet. I won’t bore you with the reports, but you can search them online when you have time.

Two things that you need to keep in mind though:

  • First, do keep your tweets shorter than usual, so that the tweet doesn’t get truncated during a retweet. A typical retweet contains the text, together with the username, so remember to give some allowance for that.
  • Second, go gentle on your requests.

7. Achieve & Maintain Consistency

To increase the number of followers and engagement, being consistent is one of the key to success. We need to live up to our followers’ expectations. If your followers expect funny tweets from you daily, do it. If your followers need motivation, give them daily. Be someone that your fans can identify with. Being consistent in how we handle our Twitter following is not the same as being monotonous, as we still need to provide variety while maintaining consistency in what we do.

8. Inject Variety

While we play consistency, we also need to inject variety into our tweets and social media strategy. For an example, instead of sending a funny text tweet which you are doing daily, you can share a video or image for some laughs. Once in a while, do something different, but maintain the consistency.

9. Apply the Rule of Reciprocity

twitter reciprocate 25 Proven Ways to Get Engaging Twitter FollowersWhen someone is kind to us, we reciprocate back. It’s the same gesture that we can apply on social media networks. If someone follows you, follow back. If some retweets your tweet, do the same for them when the opportunity comes. When someone mention you for something good, thank them back. Don’t underestimate these simple gestures that can bring you big results over time.

10. Use Hashtags Correctly

hashtagsGive some thoughts to hashtags when you are using them. With limited to the number of characters you can use per tweet, don’t dump in like 5 or 6 hashtags. Put in hashtags with keywords that you know people use and search with. If you are launching a new product, service, or promotion, do use relevant hashtags to bring the best out of them. For business owners or branding purposes, stick to the same hashtags you use so that users can find them easily using one or two common hashtags.

11. Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a good way for you to explore and use to reach more audience and get more followers. At the same time, it helps to establish yourself as an authority on the subject that you are writing on. You get more engagement and more new followers, as people see that you have expertise on the subject matter.

12. Write a Blog

Start a blog if you have not. Sure, it’s going to take up your time and effort, but it will pay off. Write on an interest that you love, a subject that you are familiar with, a topic you are an expert in, or a guide to help the community. There are free blogs that you can start on platforms such as blogger, wordpress, or tumblr. If you need hosting, you can find many choices on the Web, or consider a few of the popular ones such as: Hostgator, BlueHost, iPage and FatCow.

Having a blog gives you another channel to engage, and broaden your reach to find people who share the same thoughts as you, people who’s going to trust your recommendation, people who’s going to seek your opinions, and of course people who are attracted to you in one way or another, are more socially engaged compared to that random follower you have.

And when your blog gets indexed, search engines and organic traffic are going to be your best friends sending new followers your way.

13. Widgets & Plugins

If you have a blog, maximize your social connectivity by adding a feed, widget or WordPress plugins. Make it easy for your readers to follow, share a tweet on your blog, or to engage with you. For WordPress users, you can implement some social media plugins that I mentioned in the top 50 best plugins here.

14. Put your Twitter @username Everywhere!

twitter everywhereGain the most exposure for yourself by making your @username or link available everywhere, and to everyone. Do it online and offline.

For online, include your Twitter profile URL or username on social media accounts that you own such as Google+, Facebook, Tumblr. Do not forget to include them on your website, newsletter, email signatures, and on your email autoresponders such as Aweber or GetResponse.

For offline, it be can be on your business cards, on your leaflets/brochures, mails, shop front, etc

All these actions bring you solid Twitter followers who can make a difference to your social game plan.

15. Avoid Tweeting Excessively

Excessive tweeting frustrates people. Therefore avoid doing that no matter how good you believe the content/tweet to be. Spamming your followers with too much tweets can cause them to unfollow you, and in worse cases your account may be identified as a spammer account. Consider spreading out your tweets if you really have much to share as per the next point.

16. Span Out your Tweets

If your online marketing plan for Twitter is to have at least 10 tweets per day to keep your followers entertained or for activity purposes, spanning your tweets out is a effective and good strategy. Of course this is not practical for most of us if we need to sit in front of the desktop, or set an alarm periodically to remind us to tweet every hour. For this purpose, I recommend using Buffer to schedule your posts. This wonderful application is available via Web, the App store, and the Play store.

17. Tweet When Most Followers are Online

To have your tweet reach out to the most followers, you need to find out when do they usually get on Twitter. These are the active followers that you should target, rather than the dormant accounts following you. Use an online tool such as tweriod to analyze and find out what are the best times to tweet. These are good times for you have conduct activities on twitter such as starting a conversation.

18. Organize Promotions or Contests

Contests and promotions are fantastic ways to gain people’s attention, interaction, likes and retweets. Organize them to get your fans excited. For prizes, it can be anything such as ebook, a software that you are marketing, privileges that you want to extend, etc. Depending on your strategy, nature of business or interest, you can do it weekly, monthly or ad hoc basis.

19. Build a Relationship with Influencers

Find out who are the influencers in your industry or community, and engage with them. Be their supporters, RT their tweets, flatter them, start a conversion with them, be their friend and most important of all, be someone the influencer remembers. This tactic is not going to bring you immediate results, and you may not even be successful. But it’s worth a try. It’s a number game, so just go ahead and court as many influencers as you can. Soon or later, you will find an influencer who reciprocates your gestures and have a relationship with you. From there on, your growth can be exponential as a retweet/life from an influencer can put you in front of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers.

20. Follow the Influencer’s Followers

An excellent place to find people with common interests is to check out the influencer’s followers. Take time to do some homework and you will be rewarded accordingly. Follow and engage those who are really active and eventually there will be a number of them who follow back.

You can use this method on your competitors’ followers as well.

21. Be a Hunter

twitter hunter searchUse twitter search to hunt for users that are passionate about your topics or interest. These users may turn out to be your next potential customer, your mentor, your friend, or your crazy fan. If the user is regularly sharing updates, doing retweets, or giving opinions about the industry that you are  in, hesitate no more, follow and engage him. Of course in the process of hunting, we should look at the quality of the tweets by the user, and the number of followers that he has, so that we can evaluate how much leverage we can get. Depending on the current followers you have, I suggest working on users who have at least 2000 followers for a start.

22. Mentions

On Twitter, it’s good practice to interact with you follower by mentioning his name when you are replying to, or when you want to bring it to the attention of someone particular.

Another powerful thing you can do with mention is this: If you publish an article with links to a content written by another blogger, have a tweet send out and mention his name. Take the opportunity to give him credit and at the same time flatter him for the well written article. Doing so also bring your newly written article to his attention, and it makes sense for him to do a retweet on your article since it contained his links. It’s a very good and easy way to get more eyeballs on the tweet with this win-win situation.

23. Twitter Cards

Twitter Card is a superb way to captivate your audience and make your tweets standout of the crowd. Using this can make you or your company look professional. Implementing is pretty straight forward using this guide on Twitter

By inserting a few lines of codes onto your website, you can have these beautiful cards providing a beautiful visual experience on both Web and mobile clients.

twitter cards

There are four types of cards available for you to implement:

  • Summary Card: Title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.
  • Summary Card with Large Image: Similar to a Summary Card, but with a prominently featured image.
  • App Card: A Card to detail a mobile app with direct download.
  • Player Card: A Card to provide video/audio/media.

24. Feedback

Listen and look at the feedback from your followers. It matters alot. Get to understand what they like and hate, what they want, what type of content get retweets most, etc. Understanding your followers is critical for you to perfect your strategies on Twitter. With that knowledge, you can maximize results, make your followers happy and keep attracting new followers that agree and likes you.

25. Polls

Polls is probably one of the Twitter features that is not often used. This is a superb tool for getting feedback, determining what is popular, increasing engagement, and finding out the expectations of your audience. This feature is available on Web, iPhone/iPad and Andriod devices. To insert a poll, simply compose a new tweet, and click on the “Poll” icon located at the bottom of the pop-up.

twitter polls imstash


Use these 25 ways to build and expand your influence on Twitter, you don’t have to use them all at once. Apply whatever is easiest to implement first and monitor your results. Please share or like the post if it had benefited you in someway. Good luck, and see you on Twitter!



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