To be successful in blogging, we need to apply the same principles that we apply in life. Today, allow me to share with you 3 don’ts that are part of my daily life, and as a blogger. I hope these 3 points are useful for you too.

1. Don’t Work Blindly

The 3 Don'ts You Should Practice as a blogger Stop doing your work blindly like a bull charging towards a red flag without thinking. You will only end up tired and frustrated. For every system or business, there should be a proper workflow involved, and tracking your results is one of the most essential step. Numbers and statistics may be boring to you. But looking and evaluating those data can reveal gems about your traffic. By studying the traffic, you can find out what your visitors are reading, where they are going, and how many converting into leads, or sales for you. More importantly, you can do split testing  and find out which gives you the better results. Keep on repeating the process, and you will get from mediocre to good, and then to the best!

2. Don’t be Afraid to FAIL

It our society, we are taught to follow the successful individuals, so that we can imitate and achieve their success. However don’t forget that Edison failed more than 1000 thousand times trying to create the light bulb. If you have a gut feeling that something is going to work, put it down on paper, and do planning, then execute it. Even if your idea does not work, you will learn a lesson from it, just like how Edison learnt from each failure in creating the light bulb. Eventually a bright idea will appear and your “invention” is created. Being the first in creating something definitely will reap you BIG returns.

3. Don’t Close Your Mind

I’m sure you read on many forums, books, magazines, even hearing from people that competition is bad and to try to avoid it. Well, they are not wrong. But having competition or entering in a competitive niche is can be a good idea. The reason why there are competition is usually because

  • there is low or no entry to that business
  • it is highly profitable
  • it is the *hot* topic in right now
  •  there is a big audience for that niche.

However do not forget that these are the same reasons why you will want to enter into the market. It all depends on how you perceive the market, and how to maneuver and get a piece of the action. Do not put yourself into limitations because of thoughts implemented into your brains by yourself or by others.



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