Browsing the Internet is one of the top activities for many users of mobile devices, and search engines are using this as a factor when ranking websites. A website that is designed to be mobile friendly is going to score more points and rank better compared to a website that is not optimized for mobile devices. So if you have not been showing love and care for your mobile users, it’s time to do that, and give your website a SEO boost in the process.

Before you try out any of these plugins to make your blog mobile friendly, do take precautions and backup your blog.

 1. WPtouch Mobile

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WPtouch Mobile is one of the most widely used plugin to make a blog mobile-friendly and optimized. Although the recent updates and upgrades on the plugin had resulted in some bugs, it is still an amazing plugin. You get to customize your mobile theme colors, typography, slider options, and you can further personalize it by uploading your company/blog’s logo. Depending on how clean looking or feature packed you want your mobile version to look like, you can turn on/off additional information such as post date, author information, thumbnails and social media features.

What’s good about it: the developer had taken the time and effort to make WPtouch support and work on multiple devices and browsers. This provide bloggers a better peace of mind, knowing that their content can be displayed correctly. The list as follows:

  • iOS devices (iPod, iPad, and iPhones),
  • Android devices,
  • Blackberry devices,
  • Chrome, Firefox , Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers

2. Mobile Smart

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Mobile Smart’s main strength is not in optimizing web pages for mobile devices. It’s features are kind of primitive as it only offers mobile-friendly themes for you to implement on your website. However, if your objective is only to improve user experience by using themes designed for mobile devices, then the plugin suits you. Although in the development stages, you also have the opportunity to enable the Transcoding feature that re-sizes your website’s images to better fit mobile devices.

What’s good about it: The plugin further categorizes mobile devices into phones and tablets, and by doing so you have the option of choosing between either the mobile or desktop version for tablets. Generally, people prefer to use the desktop version for tablets since they are bigger in display sizes.

WP Mobile Edition

mobile friendly wordpress plugin

WP Mobile Edition is a plugin that provides comprehensive features to make your blog mobile-optimized and user friendly. It presents your content in a rich & attractive way without compromising or sacrificing features such as site-search, commenting, categories, tags and more. Another strength of the plugin is that it provides support for DISQUS commenting system too. The plugin works good on Andriod, iOS and Window mobile devices. But unfortunately, it does not really work well with shortcodes.

What’s good about it: the plugin is intelligent enough to do smart formatting such that your website looks good no matter whether your content is viewed horizontally or vertically. Best of all, the plugin automatically makes your mobile version SEO friendly.

Final Thoughts

Are you curious about how mobile friendly your blog is? Here are some common issues:

  • viewport not configured correctly,
  • page content does not fit device width,
  • text on pages are too small,
  • links and tap targets are spaced too close together,
  • resources on page blocked by robots.txt configuration file

You can have a quick check to see how your website perform on Google or Bing, by using Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool, and the Google Webmaster Tool.



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