Create your twitter listsTwitter lists have been around for some time, however I noticed that not many of us are using it, be it for personal or business. Creating lists is similar to creating “groups” or “categories”. With Twitter, it is essential to have it for practical reasons such as saving time and being effective. It serves as a form of filter, and you can read and follow tweets on  what you want quickly.

Twitter lists (25 characters maximum) can be private and public. For private lists, you are the only one that can view the members in the list. Individuals that you put on the list, won’t even know they are on it. Public list can be seen by anyone, and can be subscribed or followed by anybody.

1. Maintaining and Cultivating Relationships with Clients

Adding your clients to a Twitter list is great for business sense.  This is especially effective for informal discussions or chat after work. Having a good business relationship with the client is ideal, but connecting with them on a personal level can bring you more referrals and businesses. However for urgent and important matters, it is best to stick with your email and calls.

2. Find Individuals Who are Similar to You in Thoughts, Hobbies, Industry, etc

If you are following many people, you will have the problem of not being able to read all the tweets. Depending on who you follow, over a period of 24 hours, there can be like hundreds or even thousands of tweets. It does not make any sense to go through all the tweets for something interesting, what you may deem worth the time. The best way is to create a list of individuals that you can connect with. It can be because of the hobbies that you share, the industry that you guys are in, the same beliefs, etc.

3. Location-Based

You can also create lists that are location-based. For example you may have a list of individuals who always tweet in your city London, and another list for Thailand where you travel often for your work. So when you want to know what is happening you London or Thailand, you can simply refer to that list.

4. Friends, Real-Life Acquaintances & Family

Arrange informal or last minute meetups via Twitter quickly. You can also keep in touch fast and easily without emails, ICQ, MSN messenger etc. You can choose to make this list a private or public list, depending on your objectives.

5. Tweeters that You Want to Interact More

If you are using Twitter as a form of social marketing, this is a great way to “reward” or interact more with individuals that RT (re-tweet), reply to your tweets, or takes the initiative to chat with you. Having many followers is good, but having followers that actually interact can bring much greater results for your social media marketing.



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