Twitter is a fast and easy way to build a following. But how to make your twitter marketing better and get results? What are the do’s and do-not’s? Here’s 5 twitter tips you can implement starting from today:

Avoid Meaningless Tweets

twitter tipsNo one really cares about the weather in your region, or what television show you are watching unless you are a celebrity. However if you really have to post such stuff, at least make it meaningful. For example rather than just tweeting the TV show you are watching, you can add in a comment on what you like about that episode or why you enjoy the movie. By doing so, your followers or whoever is reading your tweets, can reply or maintain a conversation with you. While I know most individuals simply take Twitter as a tool to broadcast their message, sending proper tweets can make your group of followers grow faster and bigger.

Tweets Spamming

No real person is going to enjoy receiving 1 tweet every min or 5mins. Unless you are a news channel such as CNN, or LadyGaga, I’m sure no one is going to complain about too much tweets :) But in most cases, avoid sending out too many tweets. I have done surveys and results show that users frown on having their timeline flooded by the same user. Blasting too many tweets will only make the reader decide to qualify your tweets’ usefulness; and if you fail, chances are readers will unfollow you. Worst case scenario: users report you for spam. Ban-hammer comes, there goes your account.

Posting Links for All Your Tweets

Twittering is essentially a form of communication. If every tweet contains a link, you may not be able to engage your audience fully, especially when they do not have the time to check out the link. For new Twitter accounts, you may even get yourself banned if you post too many links within a short time. Personally I won’t @reply to tweets with hyperlinks when I have not read the content on the link – I don’t want to risk appearing as a fool – because I may end up replying to the tweet out of context. And by the time I finish reading the content/article, chances are I won’t or I have forgotten to reply to that tweet. Bottom line: tweets without links allow people to reply to you spontaneously, and that is very important because you may get re-tweets (RT) leading to a bigger audience.

Always Reply to Your Direct Messages (DM)

With the exception of spam, reply to as much of your DM as possible. Do not be lazy or complacent. Over the long term, you will reap benefits.

Avoid Childish Arguments

Most of us won’t commit this stupid act of arguing in public on Twitter/Internet. However there will be times when you feel the impulse or urge to fire back on an insult or uncalled for criticism. I’ll suggest that you count to 10 or even 100 before replying carefully, or just ignore that offending tweet. Insulting or hitting back at offender may cause you even more damage with your followers viewing you in a different way.



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