Is your blog Pinterest friendly & ready? After testing many, here are 6 of the finest Pinterest WordPress plugins reviewed on their features, pros and cons. Don’t forget to deploy these marketing strategies and apply these 7 steps to maximize your results on one of the fastest growing social media platform. All the plugins listed below are tested on WordPress 3.3.1 and worked with no problems.

1. Pinterest RSS WordPress Widget

This is the 3rd most popular WordPress plugin for Pinterest. You get to display up to 25 of your latest Pinterest Pins on your sidebar, and each image/pin contains the direct link to the source. The developers provides 4 different sizes of the official “Follow Me On Pinterest” buttons for you to choose from. The button is shown below the list of your pins. The default size for the thumnail is 150x150px, but you can customize the width and height to your preference.

The good – with the use of shortcode [prw username=”Your Pinterest Username”], you can have pins/images inserted manually into your post/pages too. Plus, instead of the latest pins from all your boards, you can set the plugin to show only pins from a particular board – very useful when you want the images shown to be relevant to your blog’s audience.

Pinterest badges

The bad (maybe) – the thumbnails doesn’t load

Fix for thumbnails not appearing for Pinterest RSS WordPress Widget

While there are many possible reasons that can caused the problem, it is likely a problem with the timthumb image resizing script. Here are the fixes that may help:

  1. TimThumb requires the GD library with minimum PHP 4.3+ version installed. Checking the PHP version is very easy, you can refer to the guide here. Ensure that this two requirements are met.
  2. Connect to your site via FTP, and look for a /prw_tmp/ subfolder in your/ wp-content/uploads/ directory. If it is not present, you can manually this folder, and set the /prw_tmp/ folder permissions to 755. Test it. If this still doesn’t work for you, try setting the /cache/ folder permissions to 777.
  3. For Hostgator users, this is a known issue related to timthumb.php. Simply contact HostGator to request for “mod_security whitelisting”. More info here.

2. Pinterest Badge Widget

This is a very clean looking Pinterest widget. Customizations include: the title, badget width, background & border colors, the number of pins to show (max 9), and the pin image size (big/small). After the pins display, there is a badge for readers to follow you on Pinterest easily.

The good – although it doesn’t show captions, it shows the number of followers you have – a unique feature not found in other plugins. The plugin uses caching to store your pinterest profile data to eliminate checking Pinterest on every page load.

The bad – no option to shown pins from a specific pinboard only.

Pinterest Badge Widget

3. Pretty Pinterest Pins

Compared to the previous plugin, this allows you to show the caption of your image. You can choose to show the latest pins, or the latest from your preferred pinboard. Nothing really special , but some may like the way the images are displayed on the sidebar. Download here.

The good – there’s a Pinterest badge for your blog readers to follow you. The “Follow Me” badge and image caption can be turn on/off easily.

The bad – the plugin only allows one column, with a width estimated to be at 125px. No option to modify the width of the thumbnail. If you set the number of images to the max (25), it may not be pratical and doesn’t make your blog look aesthetic.

Pretty Pinterest Pins

4. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Very simple plugin, with limited customization options. The widget is designed to imitate the look and feel of the social photo sharing platform.

The good – although we cannot specific the width and height of the thumbnail, we have full control on the number of columns and rows. Clicking on the ” More Pins” button, brings the user to the your Pinterest profile. The widgets improves loading time of your website by caching the RSS feed from Pinterest every 15 minutes.

The bad – no follow me button.

Pinterest Pinboard widget

5. Pinterest “Pin It” Button

This plugin is the most popular with WordPress bloggers, with 35k downloads. And I can understand why, since the plugin is very customizeable and gives the blog owner the option to:

  1. Add horizontal or vertical pin count
  2. Display or hide on any post, page or category
  3. Custom CSS for perfect aligning
  4. Includes widget and full shortcode support
  5. Display before or after content. Or both
  6. Display on post excerpts
  7. Specify URL, image and description for each button
Pin It Button Display Options

The good – fast setup, and wide range of options to tailor-fit Pinterest on your blog.

The bad – seriously, nothing I can complain about … what more, it’s a free plugin. It will be the perfect Pinterest wordpress plugin if it can include a “follow me” badge, and display recent pins on the sidebar.

6. Pin It on Pinterest

The unique feature about this plugin, is that it gives you the ability to predetermine what gets pinned on Pinterest.  After installation, you will find a new form underneath your Post Editor where you can:

  1. Fill in the description of the image/pin
  2. Upload an image to associate the post with – the image that gets pinned when the reader clicks on the “Pin It” button.

When you’ve added both the description and image, you can publish your post. The “Pin It” button is placed under your blog post, and it shows the number of times the image had been pinned.

The good: the predetermine feature allows for specific marketing navigation

The bad: not much customization options

Pin It on Pinterest wordpress plugins



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9 Responses to 6 Best Pinterest WordPress Plugins Reviewed

  1. Phil Derksen says:

    Thanks for mentioning my plugin (#5: Pinterest “Pin It” Button).

    I did add a follow button widget at one point but since moved it to another plugin here:

  2. lincoln says:

    Thanks for making a great plugin. :) That follow me button looks like something that I can use for my photo blogs too.

  3. Phil Derksen says:

    Wow looks like Pinterest just changed their red background follow buttons to a light background. I’ll have to add those to the next follow button update.

  4. lincoln says:

    Both the designs look great to me. Maybe Pinterest want to differentiate their “P” logo with Google+

  5. Kirsten says:

    Hello! I’m new to blogging and generally not very tech savvy so please excuse what may be an elementary question: can the Pinterest plugins only be added to blogs or is there a work around for blogs? Thanks!

  6. lincoln says:

    Yes, you are right – only plugins can be installed on self-hosted blogs/sites. You can’t add plugins for blogs.:(

  7. Thanks for the great list…Any Pinterest plugin to add Pin button to all existing images?

  8. lincoln says:

    No prob :) I can’t find any Pinterest button or plugin to add all existing images. I believe it will become a big issue when someone abuses it and mass pin images with one click.

  9. Robert says:

    I’ve seen the paid plugin offering to add share button onto existing images. Don’t remember where, most likely warrior forum or something. I am not that fond of the place so I ignored it.
    Personally I use shareaholic, they added option to pin to pinterest, though I don’t think you can ask to be followed, but at least you can choose any pictures on page.
    I think I will look into that follow button someone mentioned above.

    Great list btw

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