twitter followfriday let us rock#followfriday is a tradition that happens on Twitter every Friday. It is a day for you to recommend those you love, those you respect, those you want to thank, those you believe to be beneficial to the Twitter community, and the list goes on.

Making recommendations or referrals is an art. You do not want to appear as trying-too-hard, or advertising. The #followfriday message got to appear genuine and able to “connect to the hearts” of your audience.

However what are the best practices to use on this weekly event? What are the things you can do, and what are the things you must avoid? Today, we run through the best practices for Twitter #followfriday, and find out how to rock it.

​1. Keeping your message short and sweet

Do not use the full 140 characters as you need to leave space for retweets. To have a successful #followfriday, mentions and retweets are bonuses you gain to reach out to a broader audience. If your recommendation is awesome, you may even reach the top tweets list and gain more exposure. Therefore, keep your message concise and try not to include anything more than 3 usernames. Give your followers, and those that you mentioned for #followFriday, some room to retweet without the content being truncated.

2. Using a strong common reason when mentioning multiple usernames

If you really need to include multiple, give a common reason on why you are recommending to be followed. In the following example, the recommendation was made because those users are your most engaging supporters.

twitter #followfriday

However as a precaution, try not to use too many usernames on your #ff message as it can backfire and cause people to ignore the tweet because it looks spammy.

​3. Building and maintaining your reputation

#followfriday is weekly event. Therefore if you want to make your #ff be looked upon seriously now and after, then you need to keep your reputation high and good by doing only worthy recommendations. This builds up your influence and supporters’ trust on you. With more trust and recognition, people have a high tendency to follow users you mention.

4. Making use of #hashtags on #followfriday messages

Having a group of people you want to recommend, and want to do it the right and effective way? Instead of mentioning multiple usernames, you can use #hashtags that relate to that particular group. For example, using #TeamHooman as follows.

twitter #followfriday #ff hashtags

​5. Targeting the correct audience

For even better results, you can add on relevant hashtags to target the intended audience accurately. To reach the necessary audience, use hashtags that these people whom you want to recommend are known for. For instance, if the people you are recommending belong to a gardening group, use appropriate hashtags. @KnightsNorfolk created an awesome #followfriday message. @KnightsNorfolk gave a reason well enough to convince most people, specifically recommended @kewgardens for their photography skills in #gardening, and included the hashtag #nature for additional relevancy.

twitter followfriday gardening

 6. Offering a compelling reason

Last but not least, include a compelling reason on what benefits to expect. It can range from getting discount coupons, promotion updates, ebooks, guides, previews on products, etc.

twitter followfriday discounts

7. Returning back the favor

The reciprocity principle can be applied here as well. If someone recommended you on #followfriday, you can also extend the same gesture back to them. This is one awesome way to generate loyalty among your supporters and audience. When you return the favor,  this encourages others to do the same for you. For more methods, check out the article: 25 ways to obtain engaging twitter followers.

Bonus tip: Pinning the #ff tweet on your profile

To extend the reach, and depending on how close you are to the person you want to recommend, you can step up the efforts by pinning the #followfriday tweet on your profile.

What is the best #followfriday message you have ever seen so far, and who do you usually put on your #ff tweet?



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