build subscribers listEven with the appearance of successful social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, email marketing still remains as the most recognized form of communication when it comes to doing business and having professional discussions online.

Having a subscribers list is important if you want your business to be more successful and profitable. Building a list gives you a channel to build and manage relationships with your customers and prospects. With a subscribers list, you can update them on the latest sales promotions, discount coupons, upcoming products, interesting news in the industry, customers’ benefits etc.

You will also want to continue building lists because over time you are going to lose people who unsubscribe your list. If you get lazy and stop your efforts, your subscribers base is going to shrink together with your business revenue and profit. So keep moving and continue to expand your list of opt-in subscribers.

Building a list can be time consuming, but it is not difficult. Let’s look at the 7 reasons why it is worth our blood and sweat to build a subscriber list.

1. Email addresses never change

Most of us have multiple email address for different purposes. Maybe one for personal activities, one for work, and another for school. But do we terminate or move on and keep creating new email addresses? I do not. And I believe it’s the same for you as well. Generally we do not change our email address unless there is a big reason for it. Professional marketeers are aware of this fact, and therefore places high value and priority on collecting email addresses of their customers.

On the other hand, you may have prospects /potential-customer who previously received updates from you on Facebook, but subsequently stopped using Facebook and switched over to Pinterest instead. How are you going to update this potential buyer in the future? The most reliable path to customers (including you and me) is usually email marketing.

I am not saying that social media networking is not important. It’s just that you cannot afford to put all your eggs in one basket. To be successful, we must keep engaging with our audience using all available marketing channels.

2. A good time is when the customer deems so

Do you know when is a good time to contact the customer? Chances are that you do not, unless the customer had told you clearly on when to contact him. He may tell you to call this coming Friday at 415pm. But then again, sometimes things cropped up when you call, and a customer is still too busy for you. Sounds familiar? Frustrating? Yes. Definitely. Well, email gives your prospect the freedom to open and read the email when they are free. AND that’s what you want them to. You want your content to be read when the customer’s mind is not occupied. You want them to have the time to read more on your new product, to decide and to purchase.

3. Gives your lotsa of control, functions and it’s free!

Compared to other online communication tools such as social media networking, using email is simple and easy to manage. You have lots of control on your email campaigns, giving you freedom to set the time you want emails to be out, your exact recipients, cc those that needs to be informed, request for a read receipt, and more. You can plan and write a sales promotion way ahead, maybe 3 months before Christmas, and schedule it to be out on Christmas eve to get the most impact and possibily the most sales. Easy to plan. Easy to implement and execute.

Sure you can do this with social media software, apps, tools, but most of them requires you to pay to use. You want to schedule messages to be send at 8am daily? Pay “X” amount to get this feature. You want to see or filter your subscribers geographically? Please pay to gain access to this information.

Other than that, there is a learning cycle involved when you want to use a social media network for your marketing. Want to do marketing on Facebook, you need to setup an account, and go through pages of how-to-use-this before you can start? Want to advertise on Twitter, go ahead and set up one more account, and read the how-to-do-it manual.

4. Excellent way to maintain relationship

Having a list of opt-in subscribers makes it convenient for you to keep in touch and maintain relationship with your existing customer or potential buyer. Email marketing provides an opportunity for you to connect with your prospects whenever there are new updates in your business or new products. Having a list is not just about pushing for a sale everytime. With a subscribers list, it presents to you an excellent way for you to give non-commercial intent updates to your readers. Let them know you have not forgotten them. For example, send them e-greeting cards during festive periods. And if they are car owners, maybe share with them 10 good places to drive to for the best food.

Last but not least, provide them with a channel to hear their comments, feedback, complaints or praises.

5. Branding & awareness

There are so many companies in the world, and even much more products in the market. How are you going to stand out? If you have not started on building a customer or prospect list, for the sake of your company’s branding, you need to do it right now. Do branding and create awareness for your products by actively reminding your readers on basic stuff such as your company’s direction, logo, mission statements, etc. You can achieve all these by incorporating them onto your email template. And do not forget to include your official channel details (e.g. Facebook page URL, twitter account, website URL, support email address, and whatever you think is important). Branding and awareness cannot be built by email marketing alone, but this is a good start and foundation that you should have.

6. Having a ready audience

A good list on hand, is similar to having money in your pocket. If you do not maintain a list of your best fans and supporters, how are you going to keep in touch or update them on the latest news or products? Those on your list signed up because they like what you are doing, they enjoyed reading your blog, finds your content useful and probably the most important of all, they are willing to put trust on your recommendations. This group of people are your ready audience expecting the best from you, and has the purchasing power to get something from you as long they want it. Your highest sales conversion is likely to be coming from your list, so treasure it. And if you want to be successful, whether online or offline, you need to maintain and grow your subscribers list actively.

7. Potential for future purchases

Every business owner can have multiple customer lists. You may keep a list of customers who are the top spenders, a list of customers who are giving you constant referrals, a list of prospects who have not bought anything since joining, a list of customers who are always giving hell to your support team, and more. Now, there is potential in any customer, prospect or subscriber lists. Therefore always keep updating your lists regularly even for those who had just recently purchased.

For example: do not give your customer the cold after-sale customer service the moment he purchases something from you. The sale may be done, but that does not mean he is done with buying. Keep following up and updating new products even to customers who just recently purchased your products. He may need another of your product to go hand-in-hand with his previous purchase. And who knows, he may even refer more customers to you!

Final thoughts

How have you been building your list? Share with us your biggest challenge so far. Maybe we could chip in some help or suggestions.

If your subscribers list is getting bigger, and you need some ideas and process with your email campaigns, then you may want to give some serious thoughts on using email software tools such as Aweber or GetResponse.



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