types of emailsThere are many types of emails that you can send to customers, prospects and subscribers. However I think this 7 types are my personal favorites and I believe when applied to email marketing, these can really can make a difference to one’s business.

1. Welcome emails

This is the first email that you send out when a subscriber opt-in to your marketing list; or your customer may be receiving it because they just bought something from it. The welcome email serves a few purposes but mainly it is to confirm the reader’s subscription and have your email address placed into the white-list. This is also opportunity for you to thank the reader for subscribing, set and manage the readers expectations, and introduce yourself or company. Make this a good one and give your reader a good impression that lasts.

2. Newsletters

Using newsletter to regularly update your subscribers is a common email marketing strategy. It can be weekly or monthly newsletter that you use to communicate with your prospects on what’s happening in the industry, highlighting recent announcements, and to encourage your audience to visit your website for more information. Generally newsletter helps to maintain relationships, cultivate trust and create awareness on your products and branding.

And don’t forget to use the newsletter to encourage your readers to connect and engage with you through your social media networks as well. Make all this information visible at the footer or right hand side of your email template.

3. Follow up emails

Sometimes in your line of work, you may encounter a group of people who prefer to initiate the sale process by making calls over email. Probably because they hate to write and type emails, or prefer to talk to someone one directly instead. In any case, following up with a subsequent email to acknowledge the customer’s action shows professionalism, your company’s attitude and beliefs in handling customers’ request. This creates a positive image for you and your company and it is superb for brand building.

Below are some scenarios that gives you an opportunity to follow up with an email:

  • customer just called to complain or praise your staff,
  • customer called to update his mailing address,
  • customer calls the tech support team,
  • customer took up your trial,
  • and many more!

4. Transaction Emails

This type of emails are very practical and necessary for those operating their business on an e-commerce platform. Usually such emails are automated and are send out to buyers when they did not complete their purchase online, or have items in their cart not processed yet. If you have an online store, it is highly recommended that you implement such functions.

To the potential buyer, it serves as a friendly reminder to complete the purchase, plus you can recommend other products that they may be interested in too. To you as a business owner, you are taking steps to make sure you don’t leave any money on the table unnecessarily.

5. Thank you emails

Never ever forget to send thank you emails to your customers. It will be a good business practice if you can automate this process the moment a customer completes a purchase.

If you are dealing with multi million, or big ticket items, you may want to draft out an unique and personalized “thank you” email to your customer instead. Make him or her feel appreciated and to know that you are very happy to have them on board as a customer. Give your clients the first class service!

6. Every change represent an opportunity

Be on the look out for changes within your industry. It can be changes in regulations, new players or new rules that resulted in new demand for certain products, or the need to upgrade products. Every change represent an opportunity. For example, what happens when you are selling accounting software and a recent change in law impacted the way personal taxes are been calculated? Well, this gives you a golden opportunity to update and educate your prospects on how the changes are going to impact them, and how your new software module can make help them in a productive way.

7. Contests and surveys

Setting up contests and inviting for surveys are some of the best ways to get your readers attentions. This is an awesome way to increase the engagement with your audience too. Surveys makes your prospects want to engage and take action on your email. Customers want to be heard, and they want to tell you what they really want. So, once in a while, organize promotions to get your customers excited. Make your email marketing strategy more interesting. Having formal and dry updates on every email you send out is not going to be fun or effective. You need to inject variety and excitement so that your subscribers actually look forward to your next email.

Of course it helps to make things sweeter when you throw in freebies or discount coupons for readers that take part in your contests or surveys. Therefore be generous whenever you can and you can expect your payout to be the same.

Final thoughts

Which type of emails and email marketing tactic have you used to give you the best results? In 2016, what are the changes you are going to implement and will your email marketing strategy be?



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