Twitter Lists for BusinessTwitter lists are not new, but many business and blog owners are not using them effectively to maximize results from the popular social media platform. If you are totally new to Twitter lists, then you should look at this post to import your contacts and save yourself a little time and effort. The 3 main reasons why you would want to create lists are: to get organized, to segmentize/categorize and to focus. On here, I share 7 must-have lists for a successful social media presence on Twitter.

1. Colleagues

Objective: to build rapport, and foster relationship via informal conversations.

This is an excellent way to know what your colleagues love to do after work, and understand more about them. Good relationships can translates to high productivity and reduce the number of potential conflicts in the workplace. Do keep in mind this may not be suitable for all companies or everyone. It really depends on the company’s culture and how IT savvy your co-workers.

If you are in the IT or Internet industries, you can have temporary/permanent Twitter lists to communicate with all your co-workers. This is very suitable for fast moving projects with many changes, and can be more effective than using email.

2. Industry/Niche

Objective: to stay focus and be on top of what’s happening in the industry.

You can have 2 lists created – one for tracking your competitors for business intelligence, and the second to follow the leaders within the industry or niche.

By following the leaders/gurus, you can be sure that you will not miss out any important changes, and be notified before the news hit the general audience. Being the first to know gives advantages because you will appear to be the expert in the industry and likely to earn trust from your customers and peers.

As a company or blog owner, by having a list to follow attentively, you can find out what your competitors are up to, their current/next marketing strategy, what works and what doesn’t. Sounds sneaky, but that’s business. All is fair.

3. Best Customers, Fans and Influencers

Objective: to engage and reward this group of Twitter users.

Never underestimate or take for granted individuals who have been retweeting, mentioning, conversing with you, or giving you shutouts. Keep a list and always return the favor. Relationship is a 2-way traffic, so treat your followers nicely.

All of us are aware that word of mouth is a power form of advertising, and the principles apply on social media platforms. If you have been a good , you can rest assured that you will receive support, referrals, or good reviews from them. Take your business to another level by giving attention to those who adore you, your company and products.

4. Welcome New Followers List

Objective: to welcome new Twitter followers or customers

New customers and followers are important and we should always give them the special attention at least for 1-2 weeks. Make them comfortable and don’t miss out on any of their questions, complains or comments. The purpose is to convert them to your better and happy customers. How long they should stay in the welcome-list depends on your evaluation.

5. Networking List

Objective: self explanatory

For every business to survive, it must have customers. But don’t forget to network with your peers! Even a competitor can be part of your network especially when there’s mutual respect and both of you share the same vision and beliefs. The beneifts of networking are rewarding – there can be many opportunities created, new markets can be found and joint ventures formed. Using this list, you can also identify trends in the market and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

6. Best or Favorite Blogs

Objective: a quick look on what are the latest articles published by your favorite bloggers, and engage/network with them.

Do you read several blogs daily or frequently? Chances are you do, and you can create a list so that you can be aware when there are new posts published. If you have been planning and looking for ways to ditch RSS readings, then this is your answer. For those who wish to take a step further, you can leave comments on these new posts as part of your link-building strategy.

7. Applications, Web Services and Software

Objective: From mobile apps, desktop software to services such as web-hosting, it is essential that we stay up-to-date on any issues, fixes or outages.

As part of customer service and to maintain a positive branding socially, many companies are compelled to give you a reply when a service lapses, fails or meets with error … so we can expect the vendor or software developer to jump in quickly and reply to the tweet. That being said, do not troll them :)

Twitter is a very useful communication tool especially in big events and disasters. When many individuals and companies are affected, you can expect because many Twitter conversations and updates taking place every minute or even seconds. That’s why when a critical web-hosting is undergoing a planned or unplanned outage, Twitter is an excellent source for the latest updates. Other important service providers recommended to be on your Twitter list include online payment systems e.g. PayPal.

Do you have any interesting or essential lists that we should create too? We love to hear from you!



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