Habits can make or break a person’s success. Likewise, having and cultivating good blogging habits will bring you success. This list is by no means complete. I’m sure you will have your own habits  when writing and managing your blogging. Here’s my list of 8 habits that have been inbuilt into my daily blogging  activities:

1. Interlink Articles that are Relevant on your Blog

Good Blogging HabitsDon’t forget those articles that you have written months or years ago. As long as it is relevant, link them up with the article that you are writing now. By doing so, you promote these old posts, at the same time engage your visitor, and make them stay longer on your blog. Look at Wikipedia, it is a good example with all the content interlinked with each other. *Hint* that is one of the main reason why Wiki is the top for many keywords and phrases.

2. Keep the Design Clean

Avoid placing all the ads around on within your content. When you make your blog look ugly and unprofessional with all the ads, the reader won’t be able to focus on what’s important – the content. Also, having more advertisements does not translate to more sales or leads. If having more ads can make more money, everyone will be putting ads and no content. Keep your blog clutter free and you will reap the rewards eventually. A happy reader makes a happy customer.

3. Consistency

Strive to post at least a good quality post with unique content daily. If you are able to post 2-3 articles daily – even better. Having fresh content for your blog is good as it encourages the crawlers to visit your site more. It is also effective in bringing and reminding your loyal readers to visit regularly for new and interesting information. It is never a good idea to post 20 articles in 1 day, and then nothing for the next 30 days. If you are really inspired and managed to write 20 articles, why not just schedule it for 20 days and trust me, you will get better results with that. You will avoid the guilty feeling for not posting new content after a big update of 20 articles. Whenever I go overseas for holidays, I make sure that I had enough articles to cover for the duration of my travel. Play without guilt and thinking about work :)

4. Have Passion in What you Do

Everyone of us have strengths and weakness. Whether in playing or working, we always enjoy what we do best. What’s your hobby? Are you good in it? I believe so. Notably all the best sportsmen enjoy what they do, all the successful individuals love their work too. Ok, I know some of you may disagree with me on the second part, but I believe there is a difference between rich and successful people. Rich people can be making lots of money doing something they don’t really love. On the other hand, truly successful individuals really have passion in their work, and that passion shine in the work they do or product they make. I’ll do anything to belong to the group of people doing – be happy and passionate about my work.

5. Engage Your Readers Regularly with Social Media

Social Media is a big thing and if you are not using it as part of your daily blogging, you are missing out lots. Give it a tweet, share it on Facebook, Google+ it, the list goes on. Offer RSS feeds, and newsletter to update and remind readers who are too busy with work and forgot about your blog.

6. Anaylze  and Understand your Readers’ Needs

Check out your visitors statistics and find out what are the most popular posts, and which posts are being commented by many. Put up more content similar, relevant or related to those posts so that it will keep your readers hooked and come back to you regularly. Besides getting more traffic from analyzing, catering to the requirements of readers and “what’s popular” also gives you an idea on what are the directions that your blog can head to.

7. Content Creation Management

Maybe this is not really an important tip to some of you. However personally I like to write my posts on my iPad or on a Word document first before copying and pasting to my blog. There are 2 reasons for doing so. First, I get to keep a copy of the article in case my blog crashes and all the data is lost. As a side note, I do my SQL and FTP backup regularly, this is just my own preference. Secondly, I can edit and proof read the article anytime I want, even when I’m offline. My inspirations come and goes, so this tactic really works great for me.

8. Give your Reader what You Promised on the Title

I have fell into many misleading titles by those who-do-not-bother, the lazy or cunning webmasters. I hate the last category of blog owners who are out to trick a few more clicks from more visitors. If you are looking to establish a loyal readership base, then you should pay attention on the titles and pictures that you use on your post. It is worthwhile spending 5-10 mins (if have to), to match your content with the title. Having a bad title will not attract any clicks on the search engine results. Having a misleading title is worse, eventually users will just identify your blog/domain as a irrelevant/misleading blog. After you finish your article, it is a good idea to double check and ensure that you are providing the information as per title.

What are your blogging habits? What is your #1 habit that helped you heaps? Share please :)



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