Web browsers are one of the most frequently used application for users. However browser extensions can be something that is overlooked. Chrome extensions or Firefox addons can do wonders for your productivity. It can save you time, lessen your frustration and most of the time improve your workflow. There are many many extensions and addons available. However over here today, we will just share 9 applications that can improve your social productivity.

1. Bitly

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Shorten, manage and tracking links just gets easier with bitly browser extension. When you enter into the bitly dashboard, you gain access to useful information such as the total number of clicks within a period of time, see who your top referrers are, and which country is giving you the most clicks (on your links). The application also gives you the feature to add tags to your links, so that you can organize your links and search for them quickly.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

2. Giphy

browser extensions giphyOut of creative juices and nothing to post? Why not consider using funny GIFs to engage and entertain your social media followers? Giphy gives you a huge library of GIFs for you to choose from. You can search for GIFs based on emotions, actions, keywords (think: OMG, Sigh, Seriously), animals, celebrities, and more. Use this to inject variety, or simply to grab your audience attention on the post that you are sharing.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

3. Buffer

browser extensions bufferBuffer is a very powerful tool that you shouldn’t miss out. It is a huge time saver if you regularly post updates on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The basic free version allows you to connect and share simultaneously up to 4 social media networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Use Buffer as part of your social media strategies, to plan ahead, and schedule posts 24/7 to maintain a constant stream of updates to keep your audience entertained. It is available not just as a browser extension since it is also available on iOS or Andriod devices. The versatile social media tool works with many other applications including Digg, Twitter, Instapaper, IFTTT, and many more.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

4. Pocket

pocket-read-it-later-offline-readingBookmarking of web pages using our browsers’ inbuilt features is becoming outdated and not really practical. Why do I say that? Well, one of the reason is because nowadays we surf the Web from many devices such as our iPad when we are at home, our phones when we are out and our desktop when we are in office. And when we bookmark a page using a Chrome browser in our office, how are  we going to read it again later? Yes, only when we are back in office and provided we still remember to continue reading it. Not very practical right? However using Pocket, a browser extension, we can have the web page/content saved, and sync’d to all our devices that have the Pocket application, and read it anytime, anywhere.

Using an offline reader such as Pocket or Instapaper is indispensable, as it not only gives you the ability to curate and share interesting good content with your colleagues, friends and followers conveniently via Twitter, Facebook or Buffer.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

5. LastPass

browser addon lastpassLastPass is a password manager. But I like to think of it as my savior when it comes to remembering and storing passwords. Everyone, including my dog, is talking about the importance password security, how we need to change password regularly, and that we should include symbols, big and small letters in our passwords. Now how are we going to remember all of them, especially when we are using different passwords for different applications? If you are still using an Excel or paper & pen to write down all your usernames and passwords. It’s time to change and save yourself time, stop resetting password just because you forget for the 7th time, and show some love to your remaining brain cells.

LastPass works by remembering all the passwords for all the Web accounts that you are using. All you need to do is remember ONE master password that secures all your accounts details. It works even if you have multiple accounts for a Web service. For example if you have 3 Gmail accounts, you can choose from the drop-down which is the one that intend to login for. The free password manager also comes with features to such as help to generate strong passwords, auto form filler, as well as easy searching and organizing of your passwords.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

6. Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot browser extensions

Taking screenshots are part and parcel for someone working on the Web. This browser extension, Awesome Screenshot, can make your work load much lighter and more productive as it is bundled with awesome features. With the screenshot application, you can capture the entire web page, what’s visible (e.g. anything above the fold), or a selected area only. After taking the screenshot, you are presented with common editing tools such as cropping, blurring, adding texts, comments, annotations, and much more. Another alternative you can consider is Lightshot.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

7. Pinterest – Pin-it Button

pinterest browser extensionIf you have not been using Pinterest, I recommend that you give it a try. Although the concept of Pinterest is not new, it does has many interesting uses. For personal uses, you can use the Pinterest Pin-it button to quickly collect all your interests such as places to go, food to try, home decor ideas, etc. All these content look much better visually, and easy to categorize pictorially, rather than when you bookmark them the conventional way.

For commercial uses, don’t forget to include Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy. It is still a social platform where you can get good traffic. If you have always taken effort to include a beautiful picture for your posts, don’t waste that effort and pin-it to Pinterest to generate traffic.

Available on: Chrome, Firefox

8. Riffle

browser extension riffleHave you ever wanted to know more about a successful profile on Twitter? Are you curious to know his klout score, top hashtags, top mentions, top urls, etc? With Riffle, you can do it easily and see all this information in a glance. What I find interesting and particularly useful is the retweets/tweet and favorites/tweets. These 2 pieces of information shows how many retweets and favorites the account is getting on average. If you do a comparison with some of your favorite accounts, and find an account with exceeding high numbers, then probably you should take the opportunity to investigate and find out what has been done correctly to obtain such high engagement from the Twitter followers.

Riffle is integrated with many leading platforms such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Socialflow, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more.

Available on: Chrome

9. RiteTag

If you have trouble crafting engaging messages on social platforms, you seriously got to consider using RiteTag. Even for experienced online marketers, I recommend you to try it out. I believe you will love it. What RiteTag does is provide instantaneous help when you are crafting messages on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. What makes it really unique is that it has internal analytics to give you insights on the hashtags you are using by color-coding the hashtags. As if that is good enough, the amazing tool has many other useful features such as

  • searching and adding images from sources such as flickr, pixabay, Imgur, Instagram, etc
  • add emoticons
  • get suggested influencers (on Twitter)
  • add trending hashtags, and more!

Available on: Chrome

browser extension ritetag

Final thoughts

Are you using any browser extensions not listed here? What do you think is the best that we cannot live without? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below.



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