For bloggers, using Adsense to make money is one of easiest and effective way. If you are new to WordPress, don’t worry, we will get this sorted out in less than 10 mins, or maybe lesser.

For WordPress blogs, adding Adsense can be done manually or via plugins. Personally I am using WordPress plugins to the job since it doesn’t require coding and find them more flexible. It is also more practical for webmasters that are changing themes regularly or frequently tweaking their blogs, since you don’t have to worry about missing out or breaking the Adsense codes.

For this how-to guide, I will be using the official plugin from Google, which is also included in the list of top 50 best plugins. One key feature that deserves a mention is the ability to enable mobile-specific layouts. This is really useful if you are getting a good number of visitors from mobile devices, or if you want to boost your CTR. Read on to find out how to activate it.

First install and active the plugin.

insert adsense ads

Next from the left-hand side bar, go to Settings > Adsense.

Make sure that you have already signed into the the Google Account that you want to link your Ads with. If you are already login, click on the button Get Started.

insert adsense to wordpress blog

The plugin will next do the connection and verification with your account. When it’s done and successful, you will see your Adsense Account ID under the Ad Manager section.

Also, since more and more users are getting onto the Web using mobile devices, I encourage you to turn on Automated Mobile Ads to maximize your returns.

insert adsense 2

From the Ad Manager section, hit the button Manage Ads, and the Adsense plugin will start to analyze your blog find space to place your ads.

insert adsense 4

After the analysis is completed, the plugin will put red markers to indicate good places for you to insert your ads.

add adsense wordpress blog 5Simply click on the red markers to tell the plugin where you want to ads to appear.

insert adsense 9

Selected spaces will appear as green blocks. Note that Adsense limits the number of display ads to 3 per page.

insert adsense 6

At the top left corner, you can choose the content type (post, page, archive & category) to put your ads. Do a preview to see is everything visually pleasing.

insert adsense 7

If the preview looks good, click on the button Save & Activate.

insert adsense 8

It may take a few minutes for Adsense to start serving ads on your blog, so get yourself a coffee and come back to check again.




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