There are many software & applications on the Web that can schedule posts for our social networks. And it’s for good reason. Scheduling posts is one of the best ways to boost productivity when using social networks. But, the number of apps that can schedule Instagram posts are relatively lesser compared to, say Facebook or Twitter. Nevertheless, there are some good ones that can do the job.

Having a list of apps that can assist in scheduling posts for Instagram is essential. Probably you are already familiar with the benefits of scheduling posts, but let’s look at them again.

  • Avoid a bottleneck when distributing our content.
  • Plan our content in advance.
  • Ensure that posts are published even when we are absent.
  • Be more productive.

5 apps to schedule instagram posts

Gramblr is a desktop application that allows you to upload images and videos on Instagram. It’s 100% free, and because it functions as an emulator, a mobile device is not required. The application is available on both Mac and Windows. To download, go here.

Using Gramblr, you can perform lots of tasks, such as uploading images from desktop, and image editing. After uploading the images, you can crop and apply filters to make them look their best. The application offers more than 50 image filters, so chances are you can find something you like. Finally insert your caption, and have it published.

If you are using Instagram as a platform to build your brand, or prefer to stagger your posts throughout the day, you can schedule your posts with Gramblr. In fact you can have it automated. It’s wonderful isn’t it? However, in order for it to work properly, you need to have your desktop online without any interruption.

PS: There are negative feedback on Gramblr, but these supposedly happened on version 1. On version 2, so far so good.

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Hootsuite is an amazing social media tool that you can use to manage your Instagram activities. But it’s not only limited to Instagram. Other networks that you can manage from Hootsuite dashboard includes Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. The web-browser tool comes with comprehensive features such as analytics and the gives you the ability to create reports Using Hootsuite, you can also use Campaigns to increase engagement and awareness for your business/brand/. Campaigns are in beta, but it seems interesting since you can create contests and sweeptakes, or even sign-up pages to get your participants’ email for your newsletter.

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Anyway, back to what you can do with Instagram. With Hootsuite, you can add multiple steams to view and track your Instagram activities. Streams are basically columns of information displayed in your dashboard. These streams can be your Instagram posts, what are most popular, posts that you liked, or your scheduled posts.

Scheduling of Instagram of posts can be done via Instagram. However, it’s not really 100% automated. Why is that so, you may ask. The reason is because there is a limitation on the Instagram API. I won’t bored you with the technical details. Anyway, while we cannot make it fully automated, we can have the posts scheduled in advance, then manually publish the posts from our mobile devices later. Hootsuite is available on iOS and Android devices, so go ahead and download them, and publish those scheduled posts when it’s time to do so. A notification will be sent to your mobile device when it’s time, so don’t forget to turn your notification on for Hootsuite and Instagram.

Cost: Free & Paid options available (now known as Later)
For Instagram lovers who are looking for an app or software to schedule posts. This is one of your best choices. Because if you are running short on quality content to post, you can use it’s feature “Search & Repost” to leverage on content from Latergram community. Latergram is available in free and paid version. The free version is good for light users, giving you the benefit of 30 posts per month. On the other hand, the paid option gives you unlimited posts, schedule both images and videos, unlimited Instagram accounts, and having team members.

As mentioned, because of API limitation from Instagram, scheduling of posts cannot be fully automated. So the workflow is this:

  • Plan your posting schedule for your Instagram account.
  • Get notifications on your mobile devices when it’s time to publish your post.
  • Latergram re-directs you to Instagram for you to complete the action.

Now a short guide to get your started quickly.

  • First create an account on
  • Next download the app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Connect Instagram with Latergram.

Once you completed the setup, go back to your desktop and start adding posts to your timeline. What I like about Latergram is how user-friendly it is. Most of the tasks can be completed by drag-and-drop.

To prepare content for your Instagram, just drag-and-drop images into Latergram media library. It’s categorized into two sections- Unused and Used Media, which is really helpful since you can easily avoid posting the same image onto Instagram twice.
how to manage instagram from your desktop 2Scheduling of posts are done in the same way. Drag-and-drop the image onto the calendar. It’s as simple as that. With the calendar, you are able to plan your content the way you wanted it to be. And in a glance, you can see how your posts are being scheduled on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Although Latergram is a killer when it comes to scheduling Instagram posts, it features are only limited to that. If you are looking to manage your followers, see your likes, etc, you got to look for other alternatives to do that.

ScheduGram is a Web-based application that involves a paid subscription. However, the cost may be justified considering it’s benefits and features. It’s unique selling point is the ability to publish all scheduled posts without any user interference. It overcomes the API limitation ingeniously by using physical devices (in their back-end) to publish your posts. Other worthy features include:

  • Web upload.
  • Photo editing.
  • Manage multiple accounts.
  • Colloborate with multiple users.

If you want to find out more about ScheduGram, you can test it out with it’s 7 day trial. For accounts with less than 10,000 followers, the monthly cost is at USD $20 per Instagram account ($240 for one year). If payment is by annual, you get 2 months subscription free, since the cost is reduced to USD $200.

When you mention Crowdfire, it’s ability to manage followers stand out. Using the Web application, you can find out who are your recent followers, who’s not following you, which followers have been inactive for long time, search for potential followers based on keywords, whitelist/blacklist followers, and many many more. There’s a lot more we can discuss on Crowdfire, but probably we’ll cover that on another separate post.

Anyway, apart from managing your Instagram followers, you can also use Crowdfire to conveniently schedule your posts within the same dashboard. Posts can be scheduled accordingly to your preferred time (date/time & time zone). Before you schedule or publish and posts, you can also do a preview to make sure that everything looks set to go.

Free and paid options available

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Which is your most preferred application to schedule your Instagram posts?

Know or heard about something better? Share with us by commenting below.



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