You are missing out a lot if you are not using AWeber RSS-to-email feature with FeedBurner. Many of us know that FeedBurner allows us to offer readers an option to receive updates via emails. However, asking a visitor to opt-in for our newsletters & updates and then subscribe to our RSS feed, seems too much expect. Why not just focus on the newsletter sign-ups, and at the same time deliver our blog’s posts updates via email? Isn’t this better? Killing two birds with one stone.

Why Integrate AWeber with FeedBurner

Feedburner chickletAweber has this powerful feature of RSS-to-email, and yet there are many internet marketers not using it. The feature is designed to integrate with FeedBurner’s tracking and publishing service. By integrating FeedBurner and Aweber, you can combine the total subscribers that will include both your sign-up subscribers and RSS  readers. Subscribers who sign-up under your Aweber form, is able to receive your posts via email. To do that, you just need to enter your RSS feed into Aweber’ settings as described in the steps below.

Pooling together this two categories of readers make your statistics higher, and look better. You can then show case your FeedBurner chicklet,  to attract even more subscribers! PLUS you can now easily track what actions your subscribers take when they read your newsletter. Statistics = knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.

Setting Up AWeber Blog Broadcast

In order for it to work, login to Aweber account, and navigate to your Messages tab, and select “Blog Broadcast”, to create and personalize a new broadcast for your list.

Aweber blog broadcast

There are 3 areas you need to edit – add in your RSS feed URL, personalize your email subject, and choose the template that you prefer. Personally I like to keep things simple, so I’m sticking with the “Basic Plain Template”. For the email title, you can have a static or variable field depending on your email marketing strategy.

Setting up Awever Blog Broadcast

After you are done with the personalization, then you have to decide on how frequent you want to broadcast the posts via email. You can choose to schedule your RSS-to-email to send out when you have xx numbers of new posts, or daily/weekly/monthly. Personally I prefer to have xx new posts before broadcasting. This is because sending out daily emails to readers may end up “irritating” them, and causing them to setup filters to delete or auto-archive your newsletter and your email will never reach the inbox – and I belong to this group of readers :)

Aweber Blog Broadcast Settings

If you are not using any auto-responders yet, or sitting on the fence deciding between AWeber or GetResponse, and other email marketing tools – hesitate no more and give them a test drive. Having a list is important be it for online or brick-and-mortar businesses.

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