Adwords from Google is wonderful program for advertising. However Google have been mass-banning accounts since last year, and there have been many casualties. And once you are suspended (read ban), there’s NO way for you to appeal. So don’t bother reading up the threads on Adwords forums and wasting your time, all the folks there, although helpful, are posting the same stuff and giving you the same links.

Adwords refund

Steps to Getting Your Money Back from Adwords

The only thing you can do is to get a refund for your balance funds in Adwords. Click on the Billing tab, and select “Make Payments”. Weird huh – to get a refund, we have to go make payment. Which logical mind thought of that?

Then click on the link to request a refund for your remaining funds. Enter your details and reasons why you want to quit the network, and your password.

Adwords Refund Procedure

To make sure that the money is credited properly, ensure that the credit card details are correct. If you have been issued a new credit card with different expiry date, name, or CCV number, remember to update it first before proceeding with the refund process.

Considering Other Ads Networks

Whether have you been banned or not getting results from Google Adwords, take this opportunity to explore other advertising networks offered by Bing, or Yahoo. Personally I feel Google is too heavy handed in dishing out permanent bans to Adwords advertisers, and I consider it an irony especially right now they are wooing aggressively for companies to join Google+ business pages. If an individual or company had been slapped with a permanent suspension with no chances of getting a review or re-joining Adwords, this is going to leave a bitter taste, and make companies think twice about using Google products to advertise or build their brands.

What other networks do you use or recommend to build a brand or obtain new customers?



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