The Search for the Best Firefox Plugins

To be honest, the list is short since I searched, tested, and managed to find only these 5 Firefox plugins useful for social media networking and activities. If you are aware of any good working ones, do drop me a comment at the bottom of the post. The following Firefox plugins are tried and tested on version 44.0.2. Do note that your results may differ from mine because of various reasons or settings.

Below are other interesting Firefox plugins that I would have included onto the list if it wasn’t because of these restriction

  • Hootsuite Hootlet – extension last updated on Jul 2014.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite – extension last updated on 10 Jan 2016, but the plugin just didn’t work for me.

1. Tile Tabs

If you are constantly on multiple social media platforms to check on statuses, share content and to engage with your followers, this Firefox plugin may change the way you work moving forward. Instead of accessing each tab or window separately to find out what’s going on; Tile Tabs display your opened tabs vertically, horizontally or based on your preferred layout. Switching between social media is now much faster and more intuitive.

Another tip to make this even better – use Firefox for your social media activities, and use another browser e.g. Chrome for your remaining activities.

For those with bigger screens, this is going to look awesome for you.

firefox plugins tile tabs for social media

 2. AddThis

There are several Firefox plugins that allows us to do sharing and bookmarking on social media platforms. However, I shortlisted AddThis as the other plugins are either not updated (for long time) or have security issues.

When you install the plugin, AddThis also includes a toolbar on your browser. But if you want to save some screen estate, you can remove the toolbar via settings. AddThis supports hundreds of Web2.0 services, but seriously I don’t need so much, probably you feel the same. Anyway, when you install the free plugin, the default services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, etc) are selected. If you need more or want to create your own selection, you can add or remove services via settings.

Sharing of content is easily accessible from:

  • Sharing toolbar
  • Navigation toolbar button
  • Context menu
  • URL bar icon

firefox browser extension addthis

3. Share Button for Pinterest

pinterest browser extensionThis Firefox extension makes sharing of images to Pinterest very easy and convenient. The free plugin has ads, but I find it’s not really a big issue since it isn’t obstructive and is an incentive for the developer to maintain it free and continue to keep it updated.

There are two ways to pin your images – either by clicking on the Pinterest icon located to the right of your Firefox location bar, or by right clicking on the images then choosing “Share Images for Pinterest“. What I like about this plugin is that it provides all the images that you can pin, together with the sizes of the images which I find very useful since I am not interested to pin pictures that are small on dimensions.

4. StumbleUpon

firefox addon social media 1Make yourself standout from the crowd by curating the best and share them on your social media networks. Research and data have shown that people tend to follow when we share the best content from various sources, rather than just entirely from the sources we own. StumbleUpon is an excellent source to discover new and interesting stuff on the Internet. Using it, you can find the best on Net (voted by users on StumbleUpon) and share them with your followers, on Facebook, and Twitter too. StumbleUpon works via a toolbar that is installed at the top of your Firefox browser. To start you need an account, so create if you do not own any. To get more organized, you can also create lists to manage your sharing.

5. Buffer

browser extensions bufferMore often than not, social media networking can take up more time than what we intended to. Also, if there is a constant need to keep logging in to post updates, it can really disrupt our workflow and be a source of distractions. With Buffer, we get to schedule our posts and be more productive. To share or schedule any articles, simply click on the Buffer icon at the top right of your Firefox browser. The free plugin share quickly to networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What I enjoyed about the plugin is the intergration with Facebook, since you can share your favorite articles directly from your Facebook newsfeed.

Final Thoughts

If you are on various social media platforms, and many accounts, a password manager is essential. It is one of the productivity tool that’s mentioned previously on the post 7 Firefox Add-ons to improve your productivity.



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