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How to Delete All Your Tweets or Direct Messages?

Before you proceed to delete ALL your tweets, remember this is irreversible. Therefore make sure that you don’t regret your actions, and please proceed with care. Also as there are limitation in Twitter API, there is a cap on the number of tweets that can delete daily. Therefore for users with huge number of tweets, deletion may need to be done in batches. On this post, I’ll be sharing both free and paid versions of twitter apps, and they are not ranked in any particular order. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. So no matter whether you want to bulk delete by date, by tweet type, by media, or by keywords, you will find a suitable application to handle your request.

For your information, here are the five things you need to know when you delete a tweet. [Source: Twitter – deleting a tweet]

When you delete a Tweet, it is removed from your account, the timeline of any accounts you follow, and also Twitter search results.

Retweets of the deleted Tweet will also be deleted.

If other users have quoted your Tweet (i.e. copied and pasted part or all of your text into their own Tweet) their Tweets will not be removed.

If other users have Retweeted your Tweet with a comment of their own, their Tweets will not be removed.

Tweets may be cached or cross-posted on third-party websites, applications, or search engines. We cannot remove Tweets that are not on Twitter.

With that in mind, let’s move on and look at these top 7 twitter apps to manage & delete your tweets.

1. Tweet Deleter

Tweet Deleter is available in free and premium version. However the free version is very restricted as it only has a daily delete of 3 tweets!! However it really scores well in it’s ability to search and delete selectively. This web app is probably useful for those who are willing to pay to fully utilize the features, or for users who want to get rid of a few bad tweets only.

Make sure that you are connecting to the correct Twitter account to avoid accidental deletion of the wrong Twitter account.

The Web tool allows you to quickly search for the tweets that you want to delete using either

  • date (from when to when) ,
  • keywords (inclusive of hashtags),
  • tweet type (e.g normal tweet, replies, & retweets)
  • media type (pictures, Instagram, YouTube & Tumblr).

At point of writing, the Twitter API does not allow us to access more than 3200 of your latest tweets. Therefore if you need to access any older tweets, you need to utilize the Tweet Archive (premium version)

After running the search, you have the option to delete all the tweets that match your search, or do deletion selectively by checking the boxes next to each tweet.

tweets delete 3


Of course if you wish to do a full deletion of your tweet, you can do so by clicking on Delete all my tweets.

tweets delete 2

2. is a web-browser tool that has two main features as follow.

  • Deleting all your existing tweets (subjected to cap limited by Twitter)
  • Automatically deleting your tweets that have aged more than ‘X’ days. E.g. one week, or up to 1 year.

The features are limited, however the tool stands out for ease of use, user-friendliness, and free to use. It’s feature to automatically delete aged tweets is key to it’s popularity. If you are looking to just delete your tweets, this is one of the best app to use.

bulk delete tweets 00


Unfav does more than just deleting of normal tweets. You can also configure it to delete favorites, replies and retweets. It is extremely user-friendly as you can see from the screenshot below. Basically you just need to set the number of deletions that you want every 15 mins, and let the app run automated.

delete tweets 7

One of the best things I liked about this web-browser tool is the feature to set filters and white list keywords that should not be deleted. This gives you lots of control and peace of mind especially when you are setting the tweets deletion on automation.

tweet delete 5

delete tweets 6

4. Tweet Eraser

Tweet Eraser was first mentioned on the post Why you want to delete your tweets. It is a simple web-based tool that gives you the ability to filter and delete your tweets. To start deleting, simply search using keywords or filter using dates. Other than deleting tweets, it also has the functionality to bulk delete all your direct messages (DMs) too, which is a bonus.

tweets delete 8

5. TwitWipe

TwitWipe is an effective tool for deleting all your tweets. BUT be warned there are many advertisements on it’s web page. The ads can be distracting, so I’ll just give you brief instructions on how to use it.

To begin, click on the button Get Started, then scroll down the page and find a captcha.

delete tweets 10

After completing the captcha and authenticating the connection, scroll down to somewhere in the middle of the web page, you will see TwitWipe requesting for a final confirmation before wiping out all your Tweets.

bulk delete tweets

Note that deleting of tweets are non-reversible. Click on the YES button to proceed.

delete all tweets 9

6. Twitter Archive Eraser

Twitter Archive Eraser is an application that requires an installation on your desktop. Although setting it up takes a little time, it’s capable of deleting all tweets, favorites and direct messages. For more details, watch the quick video created by the developer Martani.

7. Cardigan

This is one of the most recent application created to bulk delete tweets. The user interface requires more polishing, but having said that, the functionality is neat. Using Cardigan, you can filter by tweets, retweets, and replies. Search using keywords. And make it even more organized by sorting the results either from newest->oldest, oldest->newest, or most number of retweets/favorites. Although bulk deletion is supported, there doesn’t seem to be any option to select all the tweets with a single click, so you have to select the tweets one by one. Hopefully the developer adds in that functionality for users who want to delete all their tweets quickly.

Other stuff you may want to know

Delete All My Tweets had been removed from the list as it does not seem to be working. To updated again if it works again.

TwitLan is a web-browser tool that claims to delete your tweets. However I never went that far, since I got swarmed with multiple aggressive and intrusive advertisements. It’s advisable that you avoid it at all costs since there may be malware.

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