Managing content on a blog is never an easy task. This is especially true when your blog grows so big that you cannot even remember exactly what you have posted last week, or even yesterday if your memory is that bad. For most bloggers, including me, I always like to have my content linked to relevant posts (internal or external), and to display posts that are related to what my visitors are reading. Now, finding related posts and content can be complicated, and most importantly, it takes up our time. There are many advantages when you list related posts to your readers, but the following are the significant ones:

  • Increase Page views.
  • Improve the duration of visits.
  • Reduce bounce rates.
  • Providing alternative posts as suggestion in case the post is not what the visitor wanted.

So let’s take a look at the various WordPress plugins that can help us to display those related posts/links automatically.

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

wordpress plugin related posts 1
YARPP is one of the most downloaded plugin. It’s packed with options and features. There are a few reasons why I like this plugin. First, it gives you lots of control to manage how you want those related posts to be determine or displayed. For example, you can give instructions to YARPP to avoid using tags and categories as parameters when it’s calculating how related or relevant a post may be. Related posts can be shown either before or after entries. Last but not least, display the posts in list or thumbnails format.

2. Yuzo Related Posts

wordpress plugins related posts 2
Yuzo is a light weighted plugin that runs without any signs of slowing down your WordPress blog. It offers plenty of settings to customize how many related-links you want to display, how you want to display those links (e.g. size of images, styling of texts), and many more. You also have control on what are the content type to include/exclude (e.g. posts, pages, categories, media, etc). Personally, one of the best things in my opinion, is that Yuzo provides information on the number of clicks/visits on those related-posts. All these stats are shown inside the WordPress dashboard. Able to have this appear as a widget is a bonus.

3. Related Posts for WordPress

wordpress plugin related posts 4
This plugin is different from the other related-post-plugins because the related posts that it creates are actually static. This means that at the time of generating related links for your posts, these relevant links/content will be appended at the end of your blog post. This plugin is probably useful for websites that are not going to add anymore content, or only getting fresh content once in a blue moon. Display options can be alter via CSS. Options to indicate the number of related links to be displayed, and corresponding images of the post can be customized via settings too.

4. Inline Related Posts

wordpress plugin related posts 4a

If you are looking to insert links of related posts into your content, this plugin does the job for you. From installation to setting up, it takes less than 5 mins. Related posts/links are inserted nicely onto your content. The plugin is available in both free and paid plans. Options are not alot, but the essentials are there. E.g stating the number of related-links per post, option to exclude Pages or Posts, styling of the texts & links.

5. Related Posts by Taxonomy

wordpress plugin related posts 5
A plugin that not only gives you the option of having related posts at the bottom of your entry, it also provides the feature for you to include it on your sidebar (as a widget). Related can be shown as list, excerpts, or thumbnails. The plugin works via shortcodes too, making it more versatile and flexible compared to other plugins. The interface isn’t exactly user friendly, however the developer provided detailed documentation so you may want read it up on the plugin page.

6. Related Posts Manually

wordpress plugin related posts 6
This plugin is perfect for those who want to have total control on exactly what related posts to show at the bottom of their content. Based on your settings, the plugin lists all the relevant and related posts for you to choose from. Supports all post type including custom ones. The plugin is useful if you want to promote particular links or content.

7. Contextual Related Posts

wordpress plugin related posts 7
In terms of features and settings, the plugin excels. The moment you activate the plugin from your WordPress dashboard, it starts to automatically show related posts in your blog. The plugin comes with an inbuilt cache, so it can reduce the load on your blog. Contextual Related Posts uses an algorithm to match related posts by analyzing it’s post-titles and content. For those looking for exact placement of related-links, you can achieve this via shortcode (advanced users recommended).

Which is your favorite WordPress plugin for displaying related posts?



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