There’s a cool feature on Bing Webmaster that makes it worth signing up if you have not done so. It allows webmasters to submit URLs that are not currently indexed by Bing yet. So if you want to get your posts index asap, you can submit the specific links at the Index section to request the crawlers to your post URLs.

There’s a cap of 50 URLs every month, so maximize and use the limit wisely.

Submitting Specific URLs for Bing to CrawlUsing Bing Webmaster to submit your website URLs for indexing

Submit Your Sitemap XML File

The second thing you’ll want to do is to submit your sitemap.xml file to tell Bing for about your blog’s structure, and for effective indexing.

Submitting your sitemap xml file to Bing webmaster

For USA citzens, there is an even better reason for signing up – you can get $50 free advertising credits!

Free $50 Bing advertising credits



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