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Referral Spam is bad for analytics. It skews our data and can have a very big impact on blogs that does not have a lot of traffic. As early as 2014, spammers begin to send fake visits to Google Analytics, and these visits are done even without visiting the affected websites. These fake visits are also commonly called Ghost Spam. The fake visits have the main purpose of showing referral URLs on your Analytics report, that try to coax you into visiting their websites. Don’t fall for them.

Please take note of the following before you begin:

For non-Wordpress webmasters, or if you prefer to do it without any plugins, you can refer to this post instead: Exclude referral spam from your Google Analytics.

For WordPress users, the plugin that I am using to block spam referral is Bot Block.

block spam traffic wordpress 2

Steps to Using Plugin to Block Spam Referrals

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New, then search for the Bot Block to install and activate.

Next, find those referral spam in your Google Analytics then copy them onto your notepad. The screenshot below shows some referral spam that are hitting my blog.

find referral spam 5


After completing the list of spam domain/URLs from your Analytics account, navigate to WordPress Settings > Bot Block Options, and paste the list into the text box Additional Domains to Block.

Whether to redirect the visit or show a 403 error, I leave it to your decision.

Save Changes and go for your tea break! 

block referral spam 3

If you are curious on the domains that are already blocked by the domain, look here.

What’s next?

From time to time you may need to include spam URLs that have not been added into the plugin’s database.



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