Blogger blogs on multiple domainsToday I realized one of my blogspot blogs has been duplicated exactly in a version, when I was prompted in my Adsense interface that I have adsense ads running on a blog that I have not authorized. A quick check showed that my content is duplicated on numerous ccTLD too. In the end, I found out that this is a new feature (or rather censorship) in Blogger that Google added in recently, and it’s safe to add the new ccTLD domain onto your authorized adsense websites to start earning for those clicks.

Purpose of New ccTLD for Blogspot

This is the way that Google decide to use to censor the WWW geographically to meet the requirements of local governments. Instead of doing a full censorship on content, your content will be duplicated into country-specific domains, and users will be redirected to their respective countries’ domain. If a country decides to censor particular content or the entire blog, Google can censor it on the country-code top-level domains (ccTLD).

For example, if a user in France tries to access a blog on, such as [theblogyouwanttosee], they would be redirected to [theblogyouwanttosee]

No Country Redirect for Blogger Blogs

If you still want to surf the original blog, you can append /ncr (No Country Redirect) to the end of the URL. e.g [theblogyouwanttosee.] However a blog that’s been totally blocked or censored by the local government, this is not going to work at all.


The policy does not affect Blogger blogs that use a custom domain.

As a result, we’ll be having our content duplicated on many domains, e.g. .au, .fr. cn. in., and the list goes on. Webmasters are worrying about the impact of their search engine rankings because of the duplicate content issue. However, Google claimed they deal with this by setting a canonical tag in the HTML content which points to the .com domain, and that by doing so, crawlers will not be confused.

There have been complaints and feedbacks by users that certain functionality on their blogspots were crippled because of this new domain policy – what may work on .com, could fail on

As one of the biggest provider for free blogging on the Internet, the move may pressure other companies to follow suit, and the subsequent actions may puzzle and muddle users and webmasters.



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5 Responses to Blogger Blogs Duplicated on Many Domains

  1. Anne says:

    Hello !

    In fact when you’re in France the .fr replaces the .com, it does not come after it like in your examples.

    I’m happy to know about the “/ncr” trick though, thanks for that!

    I came here because I downloaded the “Broken Link Checker” plugin for my wordpress site yesterday, and among the links marked as “redirects” there were a lot of “”. I did not notice at first, because I had a lot of “redirects” links to repair, and those were kind of lost among the rest.

    I changed a couple, but today as I came upon a blogspot blog in Spanish, this .fr at the end bothered me and got me thinking that perhaps there was some country related reason behind the redirect…

    I’m mostly glad I won’t have to change so many links now !

    Take care.


  2. lincoln says:

    Hi Anne,

    Glad that you found the trick useful

    I have replaced the example in my article too. Thank you for pointing that out. :)

  3. Anne says:

    You’re welcome !

  4. Brett says:

    This seems to mean that Google are now cheating you out of your adsense clicks on the country sub-domains. Why haven’t more people noticed this?

  5. lincoln says:

    As much as I understand, Adsense CPC is dependent on the traffic source, therefore the earnings should be approximately the same.

    Most blog owners don’t realize it, unless through feedback from readers or through testing:)

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