seth's wayToday I had a writer’s block, and was surfing online for interesting and fun stuff to write on my internet marketing blog. After 45mins of searching, and clicking mindlessly on the Internet, I stumbled to Seth Godin’s blog. His blog post was “Nine Ideas in Search of a Blog Post”. I was puzzled after reading the post because it was not what I expecting… especially with so many articles out on the Internet giving ideas on how to come out with content for your blog.

Here’s an excerpt of the post:

Loud and angry doesn’t make you right. It just means that you are loud and angry.

I’m hosting a public event in New York City on May 16th. Save the date, registration opens April 16. More details then.

Sore muscles mysteriously respond to being soaked in a warm bath of water mixed with epsom salt.

It didn’t made any sense to me, so I end up reading up the post again, and realized Seth had presented the ideas in a totally different way compared to what conventional writers (including me) would have written it. Basically those lines of text are what intrigue and captivate visitors and readers to click and read. It’s like a treasure box, you have to open it up to know what it is. Check out his post here, and figure out yourself ;) Really an ingenious way of presenting ideas and concepts. No wonder American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Greatest Marketer”.  He has written thirteen books that have been translated into more than thirty languages, and every one has been a bestseller. One of the best post I have read this year.

However the way the post is written is not exactly SEO-friendly. But I’m sure search engines categorize his website as one of the better ones in the marketing niches, or for any particular keywords if he happen to have it in the post. His posts are always shared on social media, usually in the hundreds and goes into the thousands. And I guess he probably gained much more traffic from social media and loyal readers who have subscribed to his feeds or emails. His blog at typepad is ranked close to 6k on Alexa for traffic rank, and for US traffic, the blog is ranked #3270. If you look closer there are 9 ideas on his blog post, but his URL states 8. Meaning good stuff with so-so SEO can still give you huge traffic + ranking.

If you are wondering how to rank or panicking on what Google Panda will do for you, don’t worry too much. I’m not saying don’t do SEO work at all, just don’t be too pressurized over it and forget about the users. Just give readers what they want. Feed them mind with intellectual content, engage them in their thoughts, and make them come back for you.



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