Activating PinView on your Facebook account

Not getting enough of Pinterest? How about changing your default Facebook timeline to look like Pinterest board? The change is refreshing and more efficient as it allows you to view your timeline in grid format with 4 columns. Personally I like it very much since I can manage and view more updates without scrolling too much.

The answer is PinView, a free app on Facebook. An early warning: PinView is in beta, therefore bugs are glitches are to be expected. To get started, login to your FB account, and navigate to here, grant it access and it is done. You can interchange between the default Facebook and PinViewer timeline easily. To go into PinView mode, just click on it below the Apps list on the left handside navigation of FB.

The screenshot below shows the 3 changes to your timeline. On the top navigation bar,  you can determine to view selectively on posts on your wall, friends, pictures, or just videos posts only.

Facebook Timeline to look like Pinterest Boards

Sharing, commenting or liking a post works the same way as Pinterest. Clicking on an image gives you a pop-up that enlarges the picture, and from there you can choose how you want to engage with the poster.

Sharing on Pinview

PinView Supported Browsers

I have tested PinView to work on the following browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer version 9
  2. Chrome, latest version
  3. Firefox 11
  4. Safari 5.15
  5. Opera 11.62

Troubleshoot PinView

If you can’t get PinView to work, here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  1. Upgrade your browser to the latest
  2. Ensure that you have given 100% access to PinView. If you are not sure, remove the app, clear your cookies and try again
  3. After switching to the PinView mode, click on the “P” icon, at the top of the navigation bar. Wait for 30s-1min, give PinViewer a little time to load your Facebook posts.


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