If you are using a 3rd party application or WordPress plugin to automatically post or share your content and Google Plus, and the post is appearing as Private in Google+, here’s the guide to change the private share to public.

Changing a Google+ Private Post to Public via Settings

Login Google Plus and switch to the account (Profile or Page) that needs to get fixed.

From your Google+ dashboard, on the left-hand side navigation bar, click on Settings.

change private share public google plus 3

Inside Settings, look under General and click on the link MANAGE, and it will bring you to a long list of general settings that you can customize for your Google+.

fix google plus private share 4

Next scroll to somewhere in the middle of the page, and you will see the header “Manage other apps & activity”. Click on the button Manage apps & +1’s on posts.

fix google plus private share 5

On the next page, choose the tab Apps, and Google+ will show you the WordPress App(s) that it’s connected with. Just click on the link Edit, choose Public, then hit the SAVE button. 

change a private share to public on google plus 6

Changing a Private Share to a Public Share on Google Plus

Another method to quick-fix is by re-sharing your Google+ post to the Public. However, this is not a permanent solution, so the first better is recommended to make the settings right for your WordPress plugin/app.

Look for that particular post that needs to be reshare, then click on the share icon.

fix google plus private share 1

Choose share on Google+, then choose Public.

fix google plus private share 2

It’s actually not difficult to make the necessary changes. The issue cropped up probably because Google+ didn’t really make it obvious and user friendly enough for their users to find out intuitively.

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