There are many occasions when we need to check the PHP version on our hosting to troubleshoot plugins or applications that failed to work. When the version doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the plugins, it won’t work and it may be time for you to jump to¬†another web host. Thankfully, checking is very easy and takes less than 5 mins. Here are the steps to check PHP version of your host/server:

1. Open up your Notepad , and copy and paste the code below.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

2. Save the text file as test.php. Ensure that the file extension is .php, and not .txt.php, or php.txt

3. Upload the text file to your server via FTP. Look for the folder /public_html, and upload to it. For free software, you can download FileZilla here.

PHP Version Settings

4. After uploading, point your browser to the URL:

5. The script will fetch the PHP version and settings, and you will see a very detailed report including: PHP Version, System, Build Date, Configure Command, Server API, Installed PHP Modules, PHP Variables, etc.

6. For security measures, delete the file after you are done with the checking.



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