Producing content regularly on our websites takes time, effort, and lots of commitment. It is something that we cannot avoid, and since that’s the case, why not find ways to make it easier, more effective and productive.

Today, let us find out how we can use chrome extensions to make our content creation less painful and hopefully more fun.

1. Grammarly Spell Checker and Grammer Checker
This is must have if you write articles frequently and do not want to excessive time proof reading your content. The Chrome extension by Grammarly checks on both your spelling and grammar. Using this you can dramatically reduce on the number of mistakes while you work actively on your content. It works on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr, Wordpress, and more.
grammarly vary

2. Pocket & Instapaper
Curate the content you are researching on to brainstorm and get ideas. In my opinion, I find both Pocket and Instapaper are choices for curating and bookmarking content for later reading. Use them to organize and prepare on the topics that you are going to write. This can shorten the time you spend on content creation since you have done the necessary research, and have a better & clear understanding on the matter. FYI, both extensions support offline reading too.


3. RiteTag
When it comes to creating content for your social media, and suggesting hashtags that maximize your impacts, RiteTag is one amazing extension to have. It gives you analytics on hashtags, as you type, for you to determine which hashtag(s) is trending, getting more retweets, or have more click-through on links. RiteTag works great with many applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Hootsuite, Buffer, socialoomph, and many more. The extension has both free and paid versions. When you first create a RiteTag account, you automatically get a 7 day free trial on the Lite plan. For that limited period of time, you get to explore features such as scheduling, finding & inserting GIF images on the fly, find the best hashtags to use, and the influencers of any topics.

browser extension ritetag

4. DrumUp
If you are always scratching your head wondering what content to share on your social media networks, you are in luck. DrumUp suggests to you content that you can share while you are browsing the Internet, or based on the content feed that you have created on your DrumUp account. What makes the extension even more attractive is that DrumUp gives you recommendations on hashtags to use, and allows scheduling of posts too! Currently Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are supported.

chrome extensions content creation

5. Lightshot (screenshot tool)
Using images to illustrate and spruce up our content, is always an awesome idea. This is very useful and essential especially when you are writing a guide, or a how-to article. To make your content creation more productive, use Lightshot to take screenshots and annotate the images in double quick time. The light-weighted chrome extensions lets you takes screenshot of the entire page, or selected areas only.

chrome extensions for content creation

6. StayFocusd
One of the biggest hindrances to content creation is distraction and not focusing. Using the chrome extension StayFocusd (not a spelling typo), you can allow or block the websites that you may visit. Setting a time limit on your visit can be done too.

content creation with chrome extensions

7. To Do List
Make use of an extension to take down all the things you need to do. To make your content creation more efficient, you can use a checklist to note the items (i.e. topics, phrases, keywords, etc) that you want to include on your article. Another way is to use the extension to plan out all the topics/titles that you want to write over the next 30 days.

content creation wunderlist

Two excellent choices:

  • Any.Do – your to-do list can be viewed by clicking on the icon (located on your toolbar)
  • Wunderlist – your lists and to-do are shown on a new tab

Final Thoughts

Do you create content often, and what are the main challenges you usually face? Let’s talk about it, shall we?



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