A Commission Cheat review – the awesome product is jointly created by Sal Haque and Sean Miller who are 2 great underground internet marketers. The product was only sold last week and the sales are as expected – going up and up. I have been testing the system for about a week+, and the results are positive. In a nutshell, for a one-time fee, Commission Cheat offers you a membership to upload media including videos to their website GumShare. You can then upload content to GumShare under your own ID, get traffic, and make bank! The idea is very simple BUT very powerful – it’s like partnering with Youtube. CommissionCheat membership system is Youtube with a twist. Sal Haque & Sean Miller’s system allows you to make money for the content you upload. Youtube doesn’t.

Commission Cheat Member area

So how do we make money using the system? Your content on GumShare can be monetized using Adsense, Clickbank, or Amazon. If you do not have an affiliate account with them, sign all up 3. Commission Cheat allows you to utilize all 3 of them on your pages. Using  the system is easy, as you simply need to enter your codes on the top, right, or bottom of the video.

Commission Cheat Review

Now you may be wondering about the traffic part – how are you going to drive visitors to your page hosted on GumShare? There are many ways from paid to free using social media networking. Inside the CommisisonCheat platform, there will be a training section and guides to bring you step by step and making money.

You’ll need to put in the effort though, as this is not a one-push button making money machine. Putting up good content is essential to attracting visitors. Having interesting and trending media/content may even result in it becoming viral, and that’s going to bring in huge amount of visitors, and of sales for you through Adsense, Clickbank or Amazon. I like especially the integration of Facebook and Tweet at the bottom of video. If the visitor is already login to Facebook, he/she can comment directly. With the buttons conveniently located there, it’s so easy for individuals to share your content.

Sharing media on Commission Cheat - GumShare

Results Will Differ

However do bear in mind, that results will be different for everyone of us. I’ll not be posting my results here, since it all depends on what are the types of visitors you are attracting AND the Amazon or Clickbank products you are promoting. Having a video on “how to do make-up”, is not going to convert well for your Amazon and Clickbank selling motorcycle accessories. However, Adsense should be intelligent enough to display relevant ads at most of the time. I’ll encourage you to spend a little time on matching products with the content :)


In summary, Commission Cheat membership software is designed for you to make money with ease out of Amazon, Google Adsense and Clickbank. Signing up for the 3 affiliate programs is relatively easy. The word “cheat” sounds bad and not appropriate actually, since this membership in no one cheats the visitor(user), or buyer, or the programs (Clickbank/Amazon/Adsense) that you are making money from. This is a legit way to make money with effort and time. But I guess it created attention and hype for the product.

Care and Support – Inside the membership area, there is complete step-by-step training videos. So if you are a newbie on Internet Marketing, this is a good section for you to visit when you sign up.

Technical & Fuss Free – Having all your content hosted on CommissionCheat means big savings for you in a way, because you don’t have to get or buy additional hosting, and all the troubleshooting will be done by them. Furthermore, with so many other members uploading content, there’s even more reasons for visitors to stay and surf around, resulting in more visitors for everyone.

Find out more about how and why Commission Cheat works here. The membership is backed up by a 60 days no-risk guarantee.

PS: For serious buyers – do note that there’s a Commission Cheat $10 discount when you try to exit from the presentation video. So watch it, try to exit, and save $10 when you buy it with the link above. Any questions just post below with a comment, thanks! :)



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2 Responses to Commission Cheat Review

  1. Richard says:

    I paid $39.00 for this Commision Cheat software and still did not get access to it. How do I get to the Commision Cheat members area so I can start making money?….HELP!

  2. lincoln says:

    Hi Richard,
    Check your emails – is it marked as spam? If not contact the support at Commission Cheat.

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