For Twitter users who have never created twitter lists before. A good and faster way to create lists is by importing your contacts from address books in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. This method is more suitable for smaller contact groups such as colleagues, family, close friends, best clients, etc. For more reasons why you should you use Twitter lists, check this post.

To start importing, click on “View all” on the main page of Twitter, then click on “Find friends”. Grant Twitter access to your selected address book, and depending on the number of contacts you have it may take slighty longer for all the contacts to be loaded. After that, just assign each contact to the list you want.

Unfortunately, we can only manually select each contact to add them to lists. If Twitter allows us to bulk select and add, creating twitter lists will get more efficient.

For business or blog owners – using this method, you can create lists for your best fans, readers, top blog commenters, gurus in industries, etc. Simply compile a list of their emails and import them to Twitter; and start engaging with them more on Twitter. By following their conversations and tweets, we can gain better insight on the topics and products they are interested, gain feedback, and network with them in the process.

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