Looking for solutions to delete all your tweets? You are at the right place. I have multiple twitter accounts for different purposes and blogs, and recently I wanted to start afresh for one of the accounts, because I wanted to hook it up with another blog, and the tweets are not related to that particular niche. Unfortunately Twitter doesn’t offer that option which I’m not surprised, since we can’t even delete all the Direct Messages (DM) too. Anyway, the following are the 5 reasons why users want to delete all their tweets.

  1. Using the Twitter account for another market or purpose – irrelevant tweets that doesn’t mix or appeal to their new audience. Or you want to add your close friends as followers, and you don’t want them to know you have XYZ fetishes or weirdo habits.
  2. Your previous Tweets makes you look silly or unprofessional – you love Justin Bieber.
  3. Destroying evidence? You brag on Twitter about going out with another girl 1 year ago, and now you have a hard time finding those Tweets, so the best way is to delete everything quickly before your current girlfriend tears you apart.
  4. You bought an account with followers, and you want to delete all those tweets. Hiding the fact that it’s a paid account, and boasting that you can get 10k follows with just 1 tweet. Why not find out effective ways to get Twitter followers instead of purchasing them.
  5. You are actually a secret agent, and do not want your boyfriend to know or the Library of Congress to archive your tweets.

While there are many Twitter applications to auto follow or unfollow users, I find it odd that none of these established products are offering this function. Base on my research there are 2 online web-based applications, and 1 iPhone/iPad app that allows you to wipe all your tweets away.

Update on Mar 2016: Due to numerous request from readers on what other alternatives are available, I have written a separate post that you may be interested too – Best Twitter Tools for Bulk Deleting Tweets.


Before deleting all your Tweets, remember there’s no way for you to undo the action, therefore proceed with caution. TweetEraser allows you to delete by filtering your tweets with text strings, HASH tags, or dates. After filtering, you can delete selectively, or select-all and delete. There are also guides on the website to guide you if you are not sure. Go to the website, sign-in with Twitter by oAuth and allowing TweetEraser access. Your password is not revealed to them or any 3rd party, so it’s secure.

Use TweetEraser to delete all tweets



TwitWipe to delete all tweetsTwitWipe is a simpler web-based application to delete all your tweets. It doesn’t allow you to filter and select tweets to delete. So if you want to delete everything the easy and fast way, this will do the job for you. A few clicks, and the deletion process is ongoing. Start deleting here. It may take a few hours for the process to be completed. I noticed that Twitter seems to take a while to reflect the changes too.


For those who want to delete all the tweets from their iPhone or iPad, you can use Tweeticide from the App store. The price had increased from $0.99 to $1.99 recently though. As with all iOs apps, the interface is easy to navigate and use.

delete all your tweets

Deleting Your Tweets on Android

Unfortunately there is no apps on Android market that does the job yet. Do you know of any? Let me know :)



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