Turning off comments on WordPress is an unusual decision since there are lots of benefits associated with comments. However there are also compelling reasons to disable comments on WordPress such as:

  • To avoid spam.
  • To speed up page loading.
  • No time to manage and reply comments.
  • A significant number of the comments doesn’t really matter or add value to your blog.

On this post, I’ll share with you how to disable comments on entire blog, specific posts, or for posts older than X number of days.

Disable Comments on your Entire WordPress Blog

This can be easily achieved by using the plugin Disable Comments. The plugin can disable comments on your entire site, or by content type (post, pages & media).

Install and activate. Then navigate to Settings > Disable Comments.

wordpress disable comments 1

Within the plugin dashboard, make your selection on how your want to disable the comments, and save changes to apply.

wordpress disable comments 2

Disable Comments for Selected WordPress Posts only

If you do not wish to disable the commenting function on your entire blog, but only to disable for specific posts or pages, it is also possible.

Navigate to Posts > All Posts.


Filter or search for the post(s) that you want to disable comments for. Then hover over the post title, and click on Quick Edit.

disable comments wordpress

Then uncheck the box Allow Comments.

wordpress disable comments 5

That’s all you need to do. Repeat the process for the other posts.

Similar steps can be used to disable comments for WordPress Pages too. Just navigate to Pages > All Pages, and repeat.

Disable Comments for WordPress Posts that Exceed a Number of Days

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Discussions.

Look under the section Other Comment Settings.

Indicate the number of days before comments are closed, then check the box on Automatically close comments on articles older than ___ days. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save Changes.

disable comments on wordpress 6

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