Have you ever wonder how authority sites display related posts in the middle of their content, and wish you can do the same for your blog? You are not alone. This is a very useful strategy to capture the attention of a reader, generate more pages views for our blogs, and keep our readers engaged. Most of the WordPress plugins are designed to have related posts at the end of each post, however today I am going to show you how to display related posts in the middle of your article. Take a look at the screenshot of Entreprenuer.com below, we are going to do exactly like this. And no surprises, I am going to use a WordPress plugin to do it because it’s fast and painless.

related posts anywhere 3

An example of how entrepreneur.com does it.

Guide to Insert Related Posts Between Paragraphs of your WordPress Post

For this guide, I’m going to use the plugin Inline Related Posts (scroll to bottom of page & download the plugin).

After installing & activating the plugin, go to Settings > Inline Related Posts.

Check the box Active.

display related posts anywhere wordpress

There’s a list of settings for you to choose from, however I recommend that you modify the options for the following.

  • Style Settings – For the field “Related text or Call-to-Action”, change it from “READ” to “Related.
  • Style Settings – Fix your color & styling settings. Try to select colors that match your WordPress theme.
  • Plugin Settings – 1 box per single post. Increase this number only if you frequently post lengthy articles.
  • Plugin Settings – Use only posts. Exclude Pages.
  • Engine Settings – Categories only.
There are more options than what's shown here on this screenshot.

There are more options than what’s shown on the screenshot.

The related posts will show up inside colored boxes. See below image for illustration.

related posts anywhere 4

To achieve an effect similar to entrepreneur.com, choose these settings.

  • Related Text Color – Black Dark
  • Post Title Color – Default
  • Box Background Color – Transparent
  • Hover Box Background Color – Without

That’s all you need to do. I guess it took you less than 5 mins? ;)

Final thoughts

If you want even more placement control on placing the related posts inside your WordPress post or have them appearing on your sidebar, discover your options here.



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