Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review

Yea, I’m poking fun at the SOPA – that defeats the very purpose the Internet was created isn’t it?

The truth about Empower Network revealed part-by-part. What is EN about and do you have what it takes to succeed in it?  Btw, you are encouraged to check out the videos (scroll down a little, enter your email, and you’ll gain immediate access). Unmanaged access is going to crash their server again, as happened in Dec-2011

100% Commission – What’s the Catch? No Hidden Secrets?

100% Commission on Empower NetworkThe big boys keep secrets about the REAL MONEY MAKING opportunities. The only exception is when you are a closely related to them, say you are his best friend, family members, spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends. If you are not related to any of the big boys, then don’t expect anything out of them. So…..what makes this Empower Network so special – If it’s SO GOOD, why are people sharing it, why not keep it a secret and earn all the money for themselves? And the real funny thing is when you tell your friends, colleagues or prospects that Empower Network pays 100% commission, 90% of the reply will be the same: are you serious? is it a fraud?

The Business Concept – A Masterpiece

FACT #1 Empower Network is designed to benefit EVERYONE
FACT #2 Empower Network presents EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES

How Does it Work?

For $25 monthly subscription, you gain entry into the Empower Network Platform. This is a blogging system built around WordPress, so if you have been blogging you’ll be very familiar with it. For newbies, fred not, this is a very simple to use blogging system.

You can blog on anything related to your passion or work, even if you are holding a full-time job as a consultant, engineer, or a sales representative for a company, the list goes on. You can obtain sales for your brick-and-mortar company through publishing articles on your company products or related industry information – this is very practical and realistic for individuals who are gets a regular income + variable bonuses depending on their sales.

PLUS if your visitor, or already your real-life client decides to join YOU in your team, you are going to get $25 monthly recurring commission from him. That $25 goes directly to YOU, not the company, not me.* And with your first team-mate, your entry monthly cost is already paid for. Your business is now fully funded.

Ok, I need to clarify on the asterisk* above: with reference to the picture below, the first guy who join you, you’ll get the full 100% commission. The 2nd, 4th and 6th, and every 5th subsequently will go to the one who recommended you to the system. Now you may think it’s unfair that the fruits of your efforts, time & money goes to the guy above you [and that’s perfectly normal thoughts].

How does Empower Network Works?

However, you’ll also be rewarded the same way when your team-mate brings someone into his/her team. I believe by now, you’ll realize that with mutual benefits, and a win-win situation, which explains how it can become so viral, because the business idea attracts and it makes sense to people who see the opportunity. Whether you come in early or later, you’ll have the same money making opportunity. Even the founders are subjected to this Empower Network compensation plan.


The Growth of Empower Network – I’ll say in one word – EPIC.

Empower Network Traffic on Alexa

When you realize that the rank #348 means getting enough traffic close to #343 MTV (mtv.com) and higher than the following, you know big things are happening very FAST, and in a BIG way.

Familiar websites/companies ranking around that region: weebly.com #352, Kmart.com #368, pcmag.com #370

Empower Network Vs PC Magazine Traffic

Empower Network (EN) started close to the end of November, and in a matter of weeks. It matched the traffic of PC Magainz. And did you see that the dip in Dec-2011? That’s because EN servers crashed from too much traffic – more than the company expected.

But without results, all the traffic mean nothing – Empower Network paid out over 2 MILLION Dollars – Directly to it’s members’ bank accounts in only 56 days! In case you thought there’s a typo – the user/buyer pays directly to the an EN member.

Empower Network paid out $2million

This is no joke. Take a look at the earnings that were revealed.


Based on 24th Dec 2011 to 23rd Jan 2012 (31 days only!) – below picture:

Empower Network Members Earnings

Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed in Empower Network?

The Cost to Success
Some may offer you freebies (nothing wrong with it, and no offenses to anyone else offering these as a bonus) to join Empower Network, but you got to think is it really the free bonuses that made you join? Watch what the founders have to say, and you decide is it a real money making opportunity or scam. There’s no free money here, it’s an awesome platform that allows you to make money out of it. Take the first step, enter your best email below and gain access to the video.

Empower Network VideoHow much success you have with Empower Network depends on how you market, and the amount of time, energy and money you put into. Here in Empower Network, it makes perfect sense to work hand-in-hand with your team-mates, guide and coach them, share & learn from your peers/leaders, and achieve success together. Along the way, there will be quitters (it happens for every business, for personal reasons or endeavor), and you will want to work with people having the right and positive mindset.

When you sign up for the system, you get to enjoy a list of benefits as below. For a overview of how the blogging system looks, check it out here.

Empower Network Members Benefits

The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.” -Dale Carnegie

Enter your name and email to watch the video (it’s long but worth the time). See to believe!

PS: If you are hesitant, all I can is that the opportunity cost is only $25 for you to see whether this works for you. BUT give it some good thoughts and check out the videos first, before you evaluate and decide.

Questions? Comment below & I’ll revert to you ASAP.

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