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The Importance of Having a Facebook Contest Checklist

Running a contest on Facebook can be a challenging task as we need to prepare, strategize, execute, track and finally measure how successful the contest is. If you are starting a Facebook contest for the first time, or just looking for more ideas on how to create an effective contest, why not start by using a checklist to make sure you cover all the essentials. Today, allow me to share with you 10 essentials tasks that you need to complete in Facebook Contest Checklist.

1. What are your objectives or goals for running the Facebook contest?

For every contest that we run, it is only right and necessary that we gain something out of it. Think about the reasons why you wanted to have a contest in the first place, or what are the top objetives that you want to achieve for your Facebook Page. Here are several common goals to kickstart your thinking.

  • Grow the number of followers on your Page
  • Generate more engagement
  • Add subscribers to your newsletter
  • Increase brand awareness

2. How is the winner going to be decided?

To avoid any disputes, as a contest organizer we should always make it clear to our entrants and audience how a winner is going to be chosen. For example, are judges from the contest organizer going to decide on the winner, or is there going to be a poll from the audience, or is it going to be a mix of both? As a general guideline, the conditions to decide a winner must seem fair and easy enough for your followers and audience. If you winning the contest is tough, it’s going to discourage people from joining, and that is not what you want.

3. What are the requirements to join?

Setting up the requirements for a contest can be tricky. We cannot have requirements that are too high, nor have it too low. When the requirements are too high, we are effectively reducing the number of followers that are able to join the contest.

If we set the requirements too low, we got to ask ourselves, are we meeting our objectives in the first place? Are we doing enough to qualify our entrants? When deciding on what requirements to set, it’s a good idea to align it with your main objectives.

4. What are the prizes?

How can a contest do without a prize right? Well, the prizes that are going to be given out is dependent on your marketing budget, and the number of winners. The prize does not have to be very expensive or lavish, but it must be something that many people want. To make the contest a success, it is a good idea to run a survey ahead of the contest to find out what kind of prizes attracts your followers. It’s advisable not to bust your marketing budget because of prizes.

5. When is Facebook contest going to start and end

The duration of the contest is important factor that you need to give serious thoughts on. The reason is because you need a reasonable period of time for your contest to gain awareness yet maintain a high level of interest. If the length of the contest is too short, you run the risk of not having enough contest entrants. If the length of the contest is too long, that may cause a lack of excitement among your followers.

6. How are you going to promote your contest?

Another to-do on your checklist is figuring how you want to market and promote your contest. The number of entrants joining a contest is an indicator on how successful a contest is. Here are some ways to promote a contest:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Promote on your website
  • PPC Ads with Google & Bing
  • Talk about it on other social networks

7. What is your marketing budget?

This is probably one of the dilemma that you need to make. We need to figure is spending “X” amount of money going to really get us “Y” amount of results. Of course it does not mean we need to spend a lot to get the most results. Rather, we need to determine how to maximize results per dollar spent, in order to promote our contest for more awareness.

Think long run when you are planning on the budget for your Facebook contest. This is probably not the only contest you are going to have. Plan strategically and ensure you have sufficient budget for future contests.

8. Who are your targeted audience?

Don’t forget about demographics when planning your contest. A contest is successful only when you are getting to the right people that can contribute to the growth of your Page, or people who are your potential customers. If your product or Page is about clutch bags for office ladies, then you need to tailor your contest accordingly. If your target audience is in the advertising industry, then how can you make the contest more relevant? Also, the prize(s) that you are going to give is dependent on who you are targeting.

9. Are you align with other social networks?

If you have a presence on other social networks (e.g Twitter, Google+ or Instagram), make good use of them. Try to align and consolidate all your efforts to create more awareness on the contest. On social networks, spread the good news that a contest is going on and direct them to your Facebook Page. For best results and accurate tracking of contest performance, it is recommended to have only one ongoing contest. Of course if you have the resources, you can run as many contests as you want on different platforms.

10. Have you notify your existing customers and mailing list?

Last but not least, remember to tap on existing customers and mailing list. These are the people who trusted our products or services, so we shouldn’t forget about them. Generally, this group of individuals are more likely to join the contest since they are familiar with our Page, and have a higher tendency to share the contest with their friends or colleagues.

Final Thoughts

Organizing contests is an excellent way to achieve our objectives on Facebook Pages, what are yours?



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