Since I am regularly getting questions on what is a Facebook App ID and Secret Key and where to find them, I thought it will be useful to write and share that knowledge to anyone who needs it.

A Facebook App ID is used whenever you use Facebook’s SDKs or Open Graph tags for sharing. If you are looking for the App ID, chances are this is because you are using a 3rd party service that is requesting for it. The Secret Key basically is just a password that you use to authenticate with Facebook servers. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. I promised you on the post title that you can get the Facebook App ID and Secret Key in 3 mins, so let’s get cracking now!

Instructions to get the App ID and Secret Key

First login your personal Facebook account. For your information, it won’t work if you are using as Facebook Page.

Next go to the Facebook for developer web page


Click on the button + Add a New App.facebook developer app 2On the following pop-up, click on the link basic setup.Facebook App ID and secret key 2

Moving on to the next page “Create a New App ID”, enter a Display NameChoose a Category and hit the Create App ID button.

facebook developer app 4

Now just go to the dashboard, and you will be able to find out what is your App ID and Secret Key.

Facebook App ID and Secret Key

Did it take you more than 3 mins? :)



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