Bloggers ChecklistAll of us make checklists: shopping list, task list, travel checklist, etc. However when it comes to our work, finishing a checklist is only part of the equation. It’s similar to fulfilling sales targets, but that’s not enough as we know all the bosses just want more from us (always). Maintaining the defined quota, is only “keeping the job”. To get extra bonuses and promotions, getting more sales transactions and bursting that sales target is the key. So how is this relevant to bloggers and internet marketers, and why is finishing the checklist is not enough?

Typical checklist for a sales guy can be:

  1. Make 20-30 calls daily
  2. Go out and meet 3-5 clients daily
  3. Reply to emails
  4. Meetings with colleagues/bosses
  5. Doing whatever tasks your bosses gave you
  6. Checking how far away from the sales target
  7. Looking at the clock count down to knock off

For bloggers, our checklist can be

  1. write an article daily
  2. visit and read the forum
  3. make comments on blogs
  4. tweet a few
  5. share ideas or posts on Facebook
  6. check earnings
  7. check statistics
  8. backup blog weekly

We can easily go through the checklists easily and declare work done. However being an entrepreneur, we need to take complete ownership of what we do. Many individuals are working for the sake for working, just to get paid and live on with live. No one cares about ownershit. Unless the job scope is related is sales or marketing, nobody is going to have much incentive on doing better. Say if I’m working as a clerk for data entry, I won’t even bother to verify is a data correct or valid, since my job is only to digitalize the hardcopy data. Verifying the data is simply a “value-added” task, and is not part of the checklist.

As bloggers or site owners, we can simply complete our daily or weekly checklist, but if we fail to do a good job (sorry can’t help it), we are doing injustice to our self. Writing an article daily without any real benefit to your blog readers doesn’t make any sense, and it is a waste of time too. Having a technology blog and writing on cosmetic surgery or about your holidays in Taiwan do you no good. Sure, you completed an item on the checklist, but in actual fact, nothing is done. Having gone through this stage, I know how easy it is to fall into this kind of “false security”. I guess that’s human nature and behavior. We are born lazy, that’s why we keep inventing to make our lives easier and better :)

I know of so many people who always frequent forums just to read, read and read. Reading is good, but we need actions too. If we are to comment on blogs or post on forums, we have to make it meaningful. Look at those stubborn and irritating “thank you for your post” that flood forums. If that’s part of those forummers’ checklist to increase their post count, I can only say it’s the wrong way and and a good way to waste time. The same applies for social media networking such as Twitter and Facebook.

And for checking earnings and statistics, I have to admit that I’m a victim of this lol. Seriously, checking statistics and earnings shouldn’t be a daily affair. Probably weekly is good enough. It’s easy to get obsessive about how much traffic and money we are getting daily. If you really need to do that, I’ll suggest cutting down the amount of time you spend on checking. Spending hours to analyze and check doesn’t make you more money. Spend more quality time on the money or traffic generating tasks and the traffic/money will come eventually.



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