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Everyday we have many things to do. It can be personal or work. Yet we only have 24 hours a day, so how we spend our personal time, how we work, and our daily habits have an impact on our productivity level. I agreed very much on what Paul Meyer said about productivity.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. ~ Paul Meyer

The Best Firefox Add-ons

So how do we improve on productivity, by achieving more and spending lesser time? There are many methods, but for now, let us look at how we can use Firefox add-ons to be more productive and effective.

1. LeechBlock

Finding it hard to fight temptation and distractions while you are working? Are you spending 2 hours on Facebook when your original intention was only to take 1 min to update your status? If you are prone of spending excessive times on social media platforms, entertainment websites, or on non-productive stuff, then it’s time to change those bad habits by using LeechBlock. The free Firefox extension put an end to your time-wasting activities. You can manage the websites that you want to block/reduce either using fixed time periods (e.g. from 9am to 5pm), or by time limits (e.g. 10mins every 2 hours) or combination of time periods and limits.

Need to have a break on weekends? LeechBlock thought about that, so you can give yourself a break by selectively blocking only weekdays.

firefox addons productivity

2. Adbock Plus

Adblock Plus is used by over 20 million users. If you are not one of the users (yet), probably you may be a convert once you are convinced by the benefits the plugin can bring you. By removing all unnecessary advertisements, we can focus on what’s important. The free add-on blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, and obstructive ads on websites too. If you want to block all ads, you can achieve that via the add-on settings.

What I like about the plugin is that you can create your own filter list to customize how you want to view the Web. Other than remove annoying ads while you are surfing the net, the extension can block Malware, remove social media buttons that track your behavior, and disable companies/websites from tracking your activities.

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3. Xmarks Sync

Xmarks is a bookmarking add-on you cannot do without. What it does best is syncing all your bookmarks across all the browsers you use. The convenient Firefox add-on is a time-saver and bookmark organizer that can bring order to your chaotic bookmarking activities. No more checking between browsers to find that missing bookmark. Further organize your bookmarks by using tags and profiles. Xmarks is available on all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari!

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If you love the add-on and want to enable syncing on mobile phones (iPhone, Blackberry and Andriod) too, the premium version is available.

4. ReminderFox

A list on Firefox productivity plugins can never be complete without mentioning on reminders and to-do lists.

Sure there is the Add to Wunderlist extension, but unfortunately it’s not from the official developer. And I note it only allows us to add reminders/to-do, with no feature to see our existing to-do/reminders list. Probably the best to-do plugin available right now is ReminderFox.

ReminderFox remembers all your important dates via easy-to-use lists, alerts, and alarms, right inside Firefox. You can set recurring reminders, and have pop-ups to remind you on tasks, birthdays, and to-do, etc.

If you are always working on a tight timeline, you can set project/task deadlines using the alarms feature within ReminderFox.

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5. Tree Style Tab

Tree Style Tab brings an unique experience to surf the Internet. The tabs are displayed on the side, rather than on the top of your Firefox browser. Similar to a tree structure, you have tabs grouped under your main search. The tabs can be expanded or collapsed as per your wish. You can also drag tabs from one group to another group-of-tabs to re-organize or categorize. This free extension is a gift for webmasters or users doing preliminary research on topics. Save yourself time and cut-down on those random clicks trying to search for a particular tab when you have over 20~30 tabs opened.

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6. LastPass Password Manager

Everyday we work with different and multiple online accounts and it’s gets annoying when we cannot remember our password and need to reset it. Although it takes a few mins, but it just breaks our workflow. And if we are using the service on another device or browser, we need to remember the new password to use, otherwise we are going to reset it again.

The traditional way to remember passwords, is to copy and paste the login details to an Excel document, text file, or simply jotting down with paper and pen. Of course there is the easy way to remember all our login details, and that’s by using the same password for every account. But that poses a serious security issue since once an account is compromised, the other accounts are jeopardize too.

Using the plugin LastPass you can

  • save and auto fill your passwords whenever you are on the service’s login page.
  • upgrade all your passwords by using LastPass password generator.
  • create profiles for your online shopping.
  • auto-fill forms.

With LastPass, you just need to remember one master password, in order to gain access to all your login details. What makes it even better? LastPass is supported on many browsers including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, Pale Moon and Epic.
lastpass to manage your password

7. DownThemAll

DownThemAll is open-source and freeware. There are 5 reasons that made it one of my favorite Firefox add-ons.

  • able to download files (e.g. css, htm & html), images and videos in bulk
  • increases the speed of download
  • pause and resume downloads
  • the ability to filter based on your requirements (either by file types, or by text strings using Fast Filtering)
  • best of all there is no adware, spyware or hidden costs!

The plugin is really a saviour when I need to bulk download, or do selective downloads.

firefox add-on for bulk download

Final Thoughts

What’s your favorite Firefox add-on to improve productivity? Any personal favorites? Let’s exchange some thoughts.



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