Fixing iPhone error 1604Short post today. Had spent almost 1/2 a day trying to fix the iPhone error 1604. I value highly on Apple products especially iPhone and iPad. However their software is another different issue. Syncing music, videos, and pictures isn’t that straightforward, but most of us still can do alright with it. But upgrading the iOS is really a pain in the ass.

There are many threads and posts on fixing 1604 and general 16xx errors, I find these are the good ones that helped me:

Post #1 – iPhone4 upgrade to iOS. Fixes the problem on iPhone restore unsuccessful

Post #2 – Official troubleshooting from Apple. Lists all the errors codes, and you can jump to the specific page for your error code.

I was getting 1604 error, and accordingly to the Apple’s troubleshooting guide, the problem is often related to USB timing. Here are the ways that I gathered specifically to fix iPhone Error 1604

1. Try connecting and disconnecting iPhone from the USB port

2. Swap the USB ports

3. Check under your Device Managers (Control Panel) for any errors with the ports

4. Connect your iPhone directly to the USB port on your computer. Do not use any USB hubs.

5. Don’t plugin too many devices into your USB ports. Plug out all except for iPhone.

6. Maybe it’s your USB port version. If I’m not wrong, having a USB 2.0 will solve the error for most people.

Posting this for future references. Do you have any methods that work for you?



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  1. seijidinzuala says:

    What if I have a net setter for internet connection which is a USB device???I tried so many method for waking my dead iphone 4 ,so please help me,I’m stuck at error 1604….

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