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WordPress Plugins for Instagram

It’s only recently that I got interested in using Instagram. I know it sounds too late to get on only now. The main reason why it too me so long to get on it, is because I am not really into sharing images and videos. But I thought it will be odd not to get familiar with this extremely popular photo sharing application.

So that explains how this post came about. I went hunting for free and the best Instagram WordPress plugins around. Tested and reviewed them to see which are worth using. All these are free to use, although several of them have paid options. Whether to upgrade or not, you decide.

Anyway based on this criteria, I found 8 that deserves to be mentioned. Plugins that are not updated for more than 1 year are not included here. For those who are curious, I am using the latest WordPress version 4.4.2. I cannot guarantee that all these plugins are going to work for you without conflicts, since in all likelihood, you are using an entire set of plugins that are different from me. So, please backup before you try any of this.

Most of the plugins on this list are for displaying your Instagram feed on your WordPress blog. Although it seems to be similar, there are slight differences for each of this plugin. It can be the way the feed is being displayed, or the number of images/videos that can be loaded on the feed, or the design of the feed. Take a closer look at them, and see which one really suits you.

Two of them can serve a greater purpose since it can backup your Instagram content, and to automate your WordPress posts. I love tools that can be automated, it’s one of the key reason why I enjoy marketing online.

Anyway,¬†here’s the list of benefits and features that you can expect to receive when you use this plugins:

  • Another channel for you to gain followers.
  • Increase the engagement between you and your audience.
  • Display Instagram content as a feed when it’s not appropriate to publish them as posts on WordPress.
  • If it’s appropriate, automate and publish your Instagram posts to your WordPress.
  • Images & videos are proven to gain attention, so why not use them?
  • New and different content (from Instagram) to keep your WordPress visitors longer.
  • Even if your Instagram images & videos are not exactly relevant to your blog, the feed can still “decorate” and “beautify” your blog.

Instagram Feed

free instagram wordpress plugins 1
Display multiple Instagram feeds. The plugin is fully responsive, so you can be assured it’s going to look great in any desktop or device. Looking to customize the feed to your WordPress theme? Lots of options for you to customize what you want. Use shortcode to display anywhere on your blog. It can be on a page, post or as a widget. Also, a follow button can be added, which is awesome for your blog visitors, because it makes following you on Instagram so much easier.

WP Instagram Widget

free instagram wordpress plugins 3
This is one of the most popular plugins used by many WordPress users. Use this to show off your latest pictures on your Instagram account. It’s a no-fuss plugin that requires little setup. There is no oAuth required too. Just input your Instagram username, or any username (non-private), to start displaying the latest images. There are no style/css provided, so if you know a little about css, that’s an advantage. Either way, customizing it is pretty straightforward judging from the general feedback of the users.

Instagram Slider Widget

free instagram wordpress plugins 4
If sliders are your cup of tea, then this plugin is for you. You can show images from any Instagram user, as long as it’s a public account. The plugin fetches and displays a maximum of 24 images (the latest only). Images can be sorted according to popularity, date or randomly. No authentication or complicated setup involved. And it is really responsive, since I tested it out both iOs and Andriod devices, and the slider & pictures displayed perfectly.

Instagram Feed WD

free instagram wordpress plugins 5
If you are looking to display Instagram feeds based on specific keywords or hashtags, this plugin can definitely meet your requirements.Feeds can be displayed either by username or hashtags, or you can mix them both in the PRO version (paid feature). Multiple accounts can be supported too. Many settings available to customize your feed. This plugin is more “sociable” than most of the other plugins as it offers several interesting features such as allowing your visitor to share an Instagram picture to other social networks (i.e Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc). Images on feed can be enlarged and displayed beautifully on a lightbox too.

AccessPress Instagram Feed

free instagram wordpress plugins 6
This is an extremely user friendly plugin to use. After you installed it, just a few clicks on settings, and it’s ready to run. Features-wise, I’ll say you won’t be disappointed. Shortcodes and widget supported. Responsive with mobile devices. The plugin is available in paid and free options. For the free option, your Instagram feed can be shown in normal masonry, masonry with lightbox or as slide – which is really good to have in my opinion. Paid option unlocks much more settings for you to customize the feed’s design.

Enjoy Instagram

free instagram wordpress plugins 7
Another plugin that displays Instagram feeds. You can display images either based on Instagram profiles or hashtags. The display on the feed can be easily manage via settings. Just to name a few. You can to choose to display in grid or carousel with lightbox included. Feed can be placed anywhere you like since shortcodes can be used, and widgets are supported.

Instagrate to WordPress

Unlike the plugins that are mentioned earlier on this post, Instagrate doesn’t display any Instagram feeds. Instagrate basically integrates Instagram and WordPress together, so that when you post a new image or video on Instagram, it is automatically published on your WordPress blog too. Apart from that your Instagram photo is also saved onto the media library. So that serves as a backup too.¬†Free version can be downloaded here. For paid option & the details, go here.

Before you start the automation process, there are two things you need to do. First is to configure your post settings (i.e your post template for your Instagram content). The second task is to install the cURL PHP extension. It’s nothing too complicated or hard since there are guides that you can follow to get them done. Anyway, once it’s all configured, you have to think how are you going to spend that extra time you just saved.

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

free instagram wordpress plugins 2
This is a wonderful plugin to import your Instagram photos and videos to WordPress. Filter the Instagram content to import by using hashtags and/or using the dates. Other than backing up your Instagram content onto your media library, you can have posts automatically created accordingly to your specifications. Decide how you want to your WordPress post to look like by using shortcodes, and applying your preferred categories and tags to the post. Your Instagram videos can be inserted to your WordPress too, and it looks perfect.



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