A series of geeky & funny keyboards – some are good to have though!
Office Keyboard shortcuts

The perfect keyboard to enter into different office modes.

l33t keyboard

The de facto l33t keyboard!

Keeping it hidden

Hiding your dirty secrets fast

One key to ban people

Handy for admin & moderators

tumblr keyboard

Reblog turbo mode

razor for the emo

When being emo in the real life ain’t enuff

emoticons keyboard

Useful when you use emoticons as often as punctuation.

Press any key

Pressing any key for any situation and any problem. One key to fix-it-all.

Panic button

When all things fail – PANIC! More powerful than F1 key.

pink keyboard

For those who love to complicate matters

Keyboard for Counter Strike players

Designed for Counter Strike players

keyboard for the blonde

When you have too much work, and all you see is “ESC”.

Awesome keyboard

Awesome Keyboard!

Social media network keyboard - funny keyboards

The all-in-one social media networking keypad!



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