Before I touch on Aweber vs GetResponse, I’ll like to outline the pros and cons of email marketing. Anyone who’s serious in their business should not underestimate the power of email marketing and learn to use it as part of the sales process. Although email had been around for many years, and there are newer advertising media, like on the Internet, on Facebook, and even on text messages (SMS); it still has a solid ground in gaining more customers, and connecting with your readers.

Ok, initially I wanted to write 10 pros and 10 cons of email marketing, but I gave up eventually, since there’s isn’t really anymore cons to add, and I’ll hate to puff up the article for the just for the sake of doing it.

Pros of Email Marketing

  1. Informative. You can provide more information (PDF, pictures, graphs, etc) via email.
  2. Low cost in blasting emails to your readers or customers on a regular basis. Even global clients can be reached at zero costs.
  3. Fast. You can reach out to thousands of your clients in mins.
  4. Appear more professional compared to using SMS.
  5. More targeted audience. Subscribers who decide they are no longer interested in your services or products can just unsubscribe. Compared to other forms of advertising such as Facebook, and offline media, email marketing is opt-in, so you only deal with potential buyers.
  6. Increase Your Sales Conversion. Many a times, we don’t buy at the first instance, and that applies to the general consumer. They could be hesitating, or they got interrupted during the sales process. But if you they leave their email address with you, you’ll have a 2nd, 3rd and many chances, since that individual who signed up is keen to find out more, and you have the opportunity to convince him why it’s good, and why it will work for him.
  7. Generate Repeat Sales. Generally when a customer is happy with your product, repeat sales is almost a guarantee that’s assuming your next product is good, and it’s within the customer’s budget.
  8. Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services
  9. Viral. Interesting products, or useful information tend to be forwarded to friends, colleagues, associates, and business partners. Put up a good email, and you’ll see more sales coming in.

Cons of Email Marketing

  1. Content & Time. While sending out email is fast, only an eye-catching title and good content will make the reader happy. You have spend time to send fresh, updated and interesting information to your subscribers regularly. But keep the prospect entertained, and you’ll have more sales
  2. Hard to keep track of the performance of the email marketing pitch. E.g. you don’t know how many people actually clicked and open your email, how many un-read, etc.
  3. Managing subscribers can be a time-consuming and effort-taking affair, since you may receive readers who want to unsubscribe, and you forgot about it, and keep emailing them, and you end up with a complaint against you or your company.
  4. Information overload. When you go over-enthusiastic, and pump in too much content on a single email, or send out too much email within the week, you’ll risk irritating and losing the subscriber. Although emails permit more details, we should be more precise and focus in catering the needs of the customer.
  5. Emotions. As most emails contains words only, it is advisable to practice good email techniques, and write in a way that you won’t offend the reader. Remember that sometimes a sentence can have different meaning to different people at different times.

Why Use Email Marketing Software?

To be successful in email marketing, companies have to build up their list of prospects or subscribers. Depending on your country and laws, you may only be allowed to blast emails to readers that have opt-in, if that’s the case you’ll have to build up your subscriber list.

In order to do that, using an email marketing software is essential. You’ll have a wide choice of templates that you can use for your newsletter, beautiful sign-up boxes for your reader to enter their emails and names, and many more. The real benefits and features is the power and capability that the software allows you to do:

  1. auto-responders
  2. high email deliverability rate
  3. manage your subscribers easily
  4. define and segregate accordingly to your marketing objectives
  5. follow up emails that you can setup in advance

In the industry, there’s only 2 service providers that you should consider. Although their core business is email services, I’m very pleased to get a snail-mail from Aweber (considering that I’m outside of USA) and a call from Lucas at GetResponse when I signed up with them. So rest assured you’ll be in good hands either with Aweber or GetResponse.

Aweber logo



Aweber vs GetResponse – Which is Better?

I have used both services before and I encourage you to do that too, since everyone preferences and marketing requirements are different. GetResponse is free for the first month, and you can test drive Aweber for $1 only . GetResponse recently (Apr-2012) released a powerful too for users to create visually stunning newsletter template. This is a much requested feature and had been met with overwhelming positive response from the customers after testing the beta version.


Pricing for Aweber entry plan is $19 monthly ($194 for yearly mode) for up to 500 subscribers. On the other hand, GetResponse allows you up to 2500 subscribers at only $25 per month ($16/mo with annual discount). Price and value-wise, GetReponse is the winner without doubt.


There have been many reviews and experiences from users that Aweber interface is easier to use, and the learning curve is shorter too. Personally I tried both, and it seems that Aweber have more videos and guides placed strategically to guide both newbies and experienced email marketers. I like the way GetResponse shows their data though.

GetResponse Statistics

GetResponse - looking at your email marketing performance

Email Delivery

Aweber claims that their email delivery is the highest, and that rarely or no emails from them gets mark as spam, and this seems to be a general consensus among many users. GetResponse reports 99% delivery with the auditing done by an independent company “Return Path”. Other than that, the providers improves email delivery, with the following methods: automatically remove subscribers’ emails that bounced, assist you in reducing spam-like content within your email, and works actively with ISP to lower the rate of emails being marked as spam.


Both Aweber and GetResponse offers live chat. But Aweber is amazing, when I had a problem with their javascript, I got connected in less than 60 secs, and my problem solved in 3mins! To me, that’s awesome because I’m not a programming geek, and such help really prevent me from lots of headaches.


GetResponse – Discover how often and what is your subscribers preferred social media platform when sharing your newsletter/email. Improved recently in Sep-2012, GetResponse allows you to find out how social-friendly and successful your emails are by measuring the actions of your subscribers. Read more here.

For blog owners who want to change from updating via RSS to emails, you will be pleased to know that GetResponse has rolled out a new RSS-to-email feature. You can customize and automate the whole process in a few easy steps! For shortcodes/tags and instructions on setting it up, continue here.

Can’t make up your mind yet? Best way for you to figure out what works for you is to test it out for 30 days and make an informed decision, so here’s the links again:

Videos on Aweber and GetResponse

Real users’ testimonials about Aweber

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

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6 Responses to Aweber vs GetResponse – Email Marketing

  1. […] too. I have written a guide on the 14 pros and cons of email marketing, as well as a review of Aweber vs GetResponse, and check out the free trial that GetResponse is providing. For Aweber, just pay $1 for 1 month […]

  2. Dan Ang says:

    Hi Lincoln,
    This is great stuff. I totally agree that Aweber is easier to use and has great delivery rates. This is the reason why I choose Aweber as well. I have a blog post on Aweber vs GetResponse as well. Check them out and give me your comments. :)
    Dan Ang

  3. lincoln says:

    Hi Dan,
    Good to hear from you. Agree with you that AWeber is easier to use with the tutorials and videos guides “strategically placed” by them. Learning curve is shorter too, but GetResponse isn’t too bad either. The delivery rates for AWeber and GetResponse are pretty close from my testing. Much depends on the user’s email content, if it’s too spammy, the delivery rates is going to suffer too.

  4. Christopher Young says:

    Excellent reference. You essentially summed up the main points between the difference of GetResponse and Aweber. Most likely I am going to sign up for GetResponse instead, since I am not very good with tech stuff, having a better usability is a big pulling factor for me.

  5. PAT CRAGIN says:


    GREETINGS, Lincoln
    Great Info. I’m a 75 year young newbie internet marketer.
    I am going with the consensus of “ease of using aWeber
    vs Get Response”. Probably will do the 30 day comparison
    once I get going.

    Of course the learning curve of List Acquisition will be a
    challenge. Perhaps you will recommend a “begin spot” for
    my List Acquisition.

    Pat Cragin

  6. Annabelle lee says:

    Nice article, are they both easily integrated into wordpress platform? I am a newbie.. can i put the newsletter sign up box pop out in my homepage like what groupon did and also show at everypage side page? i am using wordpress… Please advice if you don’t mind, thanks :)

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