Written for those who had a bad day. Have a laugh, my friend. Have a good one.

It’s another typical work day. And you aren’t in a good shape and you wanted to tell the boss you are feeling feverish and you can’t go to work. Actually you are having a bad hangover. Just that you can’t tell him.

wake up drunk

Request rejected, and you got to be in office within the next 30 mins.


Your customer sent you an email at 10 am to request for a quotation, and followed up with another email 5 mins later asking is it ready. He tells you it’s urgent and that the order can come in by the end of the week. Well, it didn’t happen for the last 20 quotations that you did for him. Makes you want to give him a S-L-A-P instead.


And your boss actually said it was a reasonable request.


Makes you want to ask him. Have you lost your mind?

have you lost your mind

But you can’t do that you know. Otherwise you would have flip the table.

flip the table

Before you can even reply with the quotations, the customer starts asking dumb questions. And you tell them you are so busy, you almost killed yourself. But actually what you wanted to say is that their stupidity almost killed you.

blam blam

So you finally replied all the dumb questions, then come the question why it’s taking so long to do the quotation, and you wish there is a better way to say “Deal with it”.

deal with it

To be honest, you don’t even care. Anymore.

dont care

So you came up with the most “creative” reason, and said that you can’t finish the quotation today because something urgent crop up at home, and you need to leave office immediately.

gifs business emails

But seriously? This is what you really really want to send to the customer.

punch to the ground

And this is where you are really heading to.

drink beer

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