There are not many Google+ keyboard shortcuts, but I’ll only shortlist and post those that really matters. I’ll continue to update this list as G+ grows. To make the list easier to expand on later, I have categorized the shortcuts to each task category.

Google+ keyboard shortcuts

1. Navigating through your Google+ stream – Press J to move one post down your stream, and K to move back up one post. Alternatively, you can hit the spacebar to scroll down, and SHIFT+spacebar to move up. Actually, we can use the Pg Up and Down keyboard button too lol.

When going through your notifications, you can press the keyboard up, down, left and right to scroll through. J &K works too.

2. For fast commenting, you can click on the post, and hit ENTER. To submit comment, hit TAB+ENTER.

3. For Google+ text formatting

  • to bold text, put asterisk front and end of text, e.g. *bold this phrase*
  • to make it italic, use underscore, e.g. _sentence you want to make italic_
  • to strike-through, use the dash symbol, e.g. -cancel the text-, cancel the text
  • bold and italics, start with *_ and end with _*

4. To mention someone in a post, put a “+” or “@” in front, Google+ will then auto suggest people for you to select. On mobile apps, I noticed that it takes a longer time to load up the names.

Google Circles icon

5. When managing your Circles, you can press plus ‘+’ or minus ‘-‘ to increase and decrease the size of the circles. Click on the “Circles” icon on the left side bar to start your circles management. Useful when you have want to see all your circles in one screen without scrolling. PS: you don’t have to press the Shift button to activate “+”. 

6. To launch a search within Google+, hit on slash “/” and your cursor will be placed within the Search box.

7. Google Plus Chat – pressing “Q” or “QQ” is supposed to jump to the chat. But it seems to be broken at the moment.

Have you come across any other keyboard shortcuts that made using Google Plus faster and easier?




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