Google+ vs Facebook 2When you compare popular social networking sites such as Facebook vs Google+, the latter may looked like a small boy – for now. But do not underestimate it’s power and popularity as it is rapidly gaining over 600k new users daily since it’s launch at the end of last year. The speed at which Google Plus is growing could be attributed to users getting bored of Facebook and other social networks. This is evident for Australian users, as reported on zdnet, who are spending lesser and lesser time on Facebook. However it may be too early and unfair to compare Google+ vs Facebook side-by-side, since what Google+ does is that it allows for more relevant searches, especially when the content is +1 by someone within your circles.

 Google +1 and Likes

Facebook created “Likes” to indicate how popular a content is. Google developed +1 to show users how relevant the content is, and is it “endorsed or recommended by someone within your circles. Basically the 2 giants are standing on 2 different grounds, one on popularity and the other on relevancy. As a user looking for entertainment, probably I’ll look to Facebook to see what’s trending and popular and liked by many. For research and professional news, I’ll turn to Google+ because what individuals within my circles endorsed (i.e. +1) is going to be relevant to my industry, my customers, my tastes, or my hobbies, etc.

And having the core business built from searches, Google has the advantage of positioning and looking golden in the eyes of companies and professionals, since +1s are rewarded while-else Likes are not.

Popularity with Professionals

It seems that Google+ is more popular with companies and professionals. Personally I feel that Google+ is a hybrid between LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn presents a very business-like appearance to the user, client, associates, employer or employee depending on who you are. Whileas Facebook gives a personal touch, and probably could be more useful for friends keeping in contact.

Sharing & Promoting Content

Google plus vs FacebookBoth Facebook and Google+ are good in sharing and disseminating information. However I find posting status, and sharing content easier to manage on Google+, I simply select the Circle(s), and blast out.  Information is sent out specifically to the group (circle) that I want to, and people get relevant information that they are keen on.

On the other hand, for FB, every status update is make available to all your friends or public. Maybe there’s a way to do it, but the privacy and account settings of Facebook is so confusing, that it just makes me gives up.

Note: If  you have someone on your Facebook Restricted List, then he/she won’t be able to see the update unless you mark it as Public.


The games updates and notifications are really becoming a horror for me. There is no end to it – I can hide 10 stories today, and tomorrow another 5 NEW ones will appear. If you are my Facebook friend, please don’t be offended, but I’m just tired of seeing such updates on my timeline. And until now, I couldn’t find a way to switch of updates on games only while continuing getting normal updates of how my friends are getting on.

With such junk updates (almost like spam) flooding our timeline, we or the targeted audience may just miss out an important or good piece of information.



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