A sneak preview of Google feature to thank users who +1. Google is steadily rolling out the feature to allow users to thank their circled friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc for +1 recommendations on websites. On some of your searches, you may notice next to the phrase “+1’d this”, Google allows you to thank the person who recommended (+1) the search results to you. This is a great move by Google to make Google+ a more interactive and engaging activity for users.

By implementing this feature, users are “rewarded” for recommending useful and relevant results, and I believe Google will be using the number of  “Thanks” as part of criteria in ranking a page.

Thank your circled friend for the Google +1 search result

When you click to thank your friend, you will be prompted to leave a thank you message on his/her wall. Want to share the results to more people? Simply add in more circles.

Thanking those who +1 on searches results




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