Adding or removing websites from Google Analytics is pretty straightforward. To do so, just need to go to the administrative panel within Google Analytics.  First, click on the Admin link located on the top drop-down menu. After which you will be able to see the settings for Account, Property, and View. From there you can easily add or remove any website.

Google Analytics Admin
Google Analytics - removing an unwanted website

In case you are totally new to the analytics tool, check out the basics on next section, otherwise you can skip it.

Basics of the Admin Panel in Google Analytics

The hierarchy goes like this Account >> Property >> View. Under each Account, there can be 1 or more property, and under each property, there can be 1 or more view created.

For each Google Analytics account, you can have up to 100 Accounts, and for each account can have up to 50 Property, and each property can have up to 25 Views. 

Account – in order to access Google Analytics, you will need at least one account. It is a way for you to organize and group websites together, so that you can manage and track them easily. For an example, you have a personal blog that you want to track and another commercial website that you are co-authoring for. In this case, you will create two separate accounts – one for personal blog and the other for your commercial website.

Property – within each account, you can have a number of properties. A property can be a blog, website, mobile application or device. Properties what are you want to track. For example you may group all websites related to ailments, under the account “healthcare”. Every property will have an unique identifier which is similar to UA-xxxxxx-xx.

View – under each property, you can create multiple and specific views, depending on what matters to you or what you want to see overview. Filters, eCommerce & channel settings, content grouping etc can be modified here to customize your views.

With that understanding, let’s move on to adding and removing websites (i.e properties).

Adding a Website to Google Analytics

The follow steps are for adding Account, Property of View

  1. go to the Admin panel
  2. choose the Account where your website is listed under
  3. from the Property drop down menu, choose “Create new property”Google Analytics create new property
  4. enter your website details, and click on “Get Tracking ID”.Google Analytics setup property
  5. remember to insert the tracking code into your blog. Typically, it takes about 24 hours before data starts to show up in your reports

Removing a Website from Google Analytics

The following steps are for removing Account, Property or View

  1. go to the Admin panel
  2. choose the Account where your website is listed under
  3. from the Property drop down menu, choose the website that you want to delete, then click on Property Settings
  4. once you enter into Property Settings, click on the button “Move to Trash Can” as shown in the screenshot below
  5. note that deleting the website/property will remove all associated Views from Google Analytics as wellGoogle Analytics
  6. after moving to the Trash Can, an email notification from Google Analytics will be sent to you. It also gives you instruction on how to restore the Property back if you deleted it by mistake. After 35 days it will be permanently deleted and you cannot restore it anymore.


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