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How to Import your Instagram Images & Videos to WordPress and Publish them Automatically

This post is written for Instagram fanatics. If you take crazy amount of images daily, and need to maintain your WordPress blog with these content, you know very well it’s going to take up lots of your energy and time. And it’s not productive don’t you think so?

Rather than manually updating your WordPress, all these time and effort can be spent somewhere else. Maybe marketing your content or trying to get better SEO juice for your Instagram and WordPress blog.

And if you want to change your current workflow, I may have a solution for you. And it’s a very easy and powerful solution. What you can do, is to have your Instagram images and videos automatically imported to your WordPress. The Instagram content can be automatically published, or saved as drafts for you to review and edit before publishing. Even those images that you have take long ago, can be imported.

Sounds good?

It better than what I just highlighted. And as I show you how to do it, you can judge for yourself how useful and how it can free you more time.

It’s nothing complicated. What we are going to use is a WordPress plugin called Instagrate. It’s available in free and paid options. The free version is adequate for importing and publishing your Instagram images and videos automatically. Of course if you need more than that, you can go for the paid option and use the discount code that I am going to share with you later.

So what can Instagrate do?

Instagrate is perfect for those who

  • Are too busy to update their WordPress regularly.
  • Sync content on Instagram with WordPress.
  • Want to backup their Instagram content to WordPress.
  • Want to automated the process.
  • Want to have a standard template for every Instagram image and video published on WordPress.


This plugin requires the cURL PHP extension to be installed. It is required because we need it to be running in the background to run the tasks, to import images from Instagram and publish them to Wordpress.

If you are using a solid web hosting company such as Hostgator, it is already enabled by default. If you need help, the best is to contact your web hosting company directly for clarification and assistance.

But what if you do not want to burden your servers and/or risk affecting the performance?

Not to worry about that. There’s another way. It’s to setup a cron job using a 3rd party service. Easycron is an easy and free way to setup and manage your cron jobs.

Installing & Setting Up Instagrate

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New. Search for Instagrate, then install the plugin.

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Next go to Settings > Instagrate to WordPress. 

You will be prompted to provide your Instagram login credentials.

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Authorize the connection between the plugin and Instagram.

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Now that the connections between the two are done, we shall move on to configure the plugin.

Before you modify any settings. Do ensure that you have selected the last Instagram image to post from.

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For example, if I do not want to post all the images & videos in my Instagram account, I’ll choose the last image to start posting from. So this means only this image and those after it will be automatically posted from Instagram to WordPress.

Under Instagrate Settings > WordPress Post, it is recommended to use the default WordPress post settings so that your Instagram images & videos sizes are consistent with other images used on your WordPress.

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The Plugin Instagrate Settings

Can’t remember what are your default image sizes you are using for WordPress? Don’t worry. To find out what are the default image sizes, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Media. 

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WordPress Media Settings

Once you are satisfied with your media settings for WordPress, let’s continue with our configuration on the plugin Instagrate.

Next, we are going to configure how the image is stored and presented. Below are the settings that I have chosen for one of my blogs, and I will just go through them quickly.

how to auto post from instagram to wordpress 6A

Select Image Saving: Choose to link directly to your Instagram image, or save the image to your WordPress media library.

Featured Image Config: Use the image you imported as the featured image?

Post Category: Which WordPress category do you want to put this post in?

Post Author: Select the author that is responsible for the image.

Post Format: Fixed. Can’t change this.

Post Date: Is your post date going to be at time of publishing? Or do you want to use the date when your Instagram image was created?

Post Status: Choose between Publish or Draft. Since we are going to have our Instagram content automatically published, we choose the post status as Publish.

Custom Post Type: Posts or Pages available for you to choose.

This section is about configuring your post titles and body. You can do it by using the default texts. Or use template tags that are provided by the plugin developer.

To illustrate, I’ll be using the following Instagrate Pro tags

%%location-name%% – The name of the location of a geo tagged image.

%%image-date%% – The date the image was taken on Instagram.

%%instagram-user-profile-url%% – The link to the Instagram profile of who posted the image.

how to auto post to instagram using instagrate 7

Default text for post title if the Instagram image has no title: Photo taken at %%location-name%% on %%image-date%%

Custom text that I used for post title: %%title%%

Custom text that I used for body: If you enjoyed what I posted, please follow me %%instagram-user-profile-url%%

Now for Advanced settings, there isn’t exactly much that you need to do here, since it’s advised to stick to the default settings unless you are having issues with the plugin.

PS: Optional. Do consider having a small link at the bottom of your post content if you are using the free option & wish to thank the plugin author.

how to auto post from instagram to wordpress using instagrate 8

Once you have finalized all your settings, click Update Options.

If you have cURL activated already, any new visits by you or your visitor, will kick the plugin into action, and images & videos will be imported from Instagram and published to your WordPress. Try CTRL + F5 to hard refresh if you don’t see any of your Instagram content being imported to WordPress.

If you have cron jobs scheduled, the posts get automatically published at the scheduled time.

The following image shows the Instagram images that I have successfully imported into WordPress. If you wish to make changes or preview your posts before they are being posts, you can set them to post as draft in your Instagrate settings.

how to auto post from instagram to wordpress using instagrate 9

Take a peep into what Instagrate Pro can do for you

So much more you can do with Instagrate Pro

  • Multiple Streams
  • Video Integration
  • Unlimited Instagram Accounts
  • Comments Integration
  • Image Moderation
  • Scheduled Posting
  • Hashtag Posting of Any Photo
  • Hashtag Filtering
  • Hashtags to Taxonomies
  • Location Tagged Images
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Multiple Image Posting
  • Access Image History
  • Likes Count Integration
  • Easy Image Admin
  • Full Content Control
  • Custom Post Types
  • Google Map Integration
  • Full Support & Documentation

Discounts Codes & Coupons for Instagrate Pro

Instagrate Pro starts from $35 for the personal edition. It supports 1 site, with all features included, and 1 year of updates & support. To get 10% off any Instagrate packages, use the discount code STARTERFOR10 when you check out.




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