Google+ wants to be #1 in social media, but it is puzzling why it doesn’t offer any RSS service for users. If you are on this page, chances are your current method to convert Google+ posts/stream to RSS feed no longer works. For those who are new and wonder why bother to convert to RSS feed, here are 2 common reasons why people want them:

1) to consolidate and read all their favorite news in RSS readers
2) to feed the data into a third party application/tool

So far, I have tested and there are 3 web tools that you can use to obtain your RSS feed.

1. Google Plus to RSS

Google Plus to RSS

Using this free web tool, creating a RSS feed out of your Google+ stream is easy. Simply authorize to access your Google+ account. Information that is accessed is only public information that you have chosen to reveal on your Google+ profile. Do note that the RSS feed generated will only contained your public posts. Private or limited shared posts will not appear.

If you have already signed into Google+, gplusrss will automatically identify your 21 digit Google+ ID. Click “Allow Access” to continue creating your RSS feed.

Grant Permission to GooglePlus RSS

On gplusrss dashboard, you will see a summary of the Google+ feeds that you have created.

Access total: the number of people who accessed my feed. In my case it’s zero, since I just created it.

Profile-ID: the 21 digit numbers from your G+ profile.

gplus rss manage entries

Click to enlarge

On the left side, under “Manage Entries, is the link to your converted Google+ stream to RSS feed URL. Copy that link out, and let’s test is it working with Google Reader. The RSS URL should look something like this:

Go to Google Reader, and click on the red “Subscribe” button to add in your new RSS URL.

Subscribe RSS via Google Reader

Here’s a screenshot from my Google Reader. You can use other RSS readers if you prefer so.

gplus-rss in Google reader

2. Google+ To RSS As A Service

GooglePlus RSS service

This free web tool works the same as the first method, except you do not have to grant any access to your Google+ account. However you are not able to track your feed stats. There are 2 good things about this service. The first is that you can add any Google+ users and follow their updates. And second, the images that appear in the RSS reader is bigger (similar to what is shown on Google+ stream) compared to

Setting up is very easy:

(a) Login to Google+, and click on the Profile icon

Google Plus Profile Icon

(b) Copy the string of numbers

Google Plus Profile ID

(c) Paste the numbers into the field below and click the “Get RSS” button. It will forward you to another screen, and you just need to copy the URL to enter into your RSS reader in step (d)

Paste your Google+ ID to rss-service

(d) From the test results of my RSS feed, the results and formatting are similar to the first method.

Convert Google Plus to RSS Feeds


I have covered this web application previous, so you may want to refer to this post to find out how to beautify your Google+ profile URL, and to convert your Google+ stream to a RSS feed.

4. Others

Currently, there are a few working applications hosted on appspot, but I won’t be listing them since it is a matter of time before they go down because of costs. Plusfeed(at)appspot, one of the pioneers, suffer this fate.

Two tricks worth mentioning by Piers Dilion-Scott, is to create a RSS feed out of Google Alerts and Bing search. However the results are not perfect. I tried them, and only a few of public Google+ posts got indexed by Bing, therefore it doesn’t work reliably, unless you are a very popular Google+ user and have many pages indexed by Bing.

Last but not least, it is said that Yahoo Pipes can be used to do the job. Unfortunately, there is no working Pipe shared publicly. I’m not an expert in Pipes, otherwise I will create one. :)

Until Google+ decides to release an official way to convert our public posts to RSS feed, we will just have to stick to the top 3 methods discussed above.

What Used to work

There were previously other web applications that worked. I’ll list them here, and if they are ever up again, give me a heads up & I’ll update this post.

Others such as the ones below may be familiar to Google+ forerunners: – Down & out
Dapper – A product by Yahoo to create feeds. No longer working. Google supposely blocked it. – Having error. Developer not working on it anymore.

Which is your favorite tool to convert Google Plus to RSS Feeds?



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